Planners pass Katie Price live-in garden shack

Katie - mucks out the stables herself, apparently

Katie Price, referred to in the media as a “reality TV star,” has been given planning permission for a temporary shed in her grounds to house her family while improvements are carried out to her main home.

The local planners near her home in Sussex said that because the millionaire celebrity owned horses which she might need to look after at night, she had a right to live there.  This is an important ruling which the off-grid community in the UK will be studying closely. Clearly its no obstacle even if you have grooms to the the main work for you as long as they live elsewhere.

Her agent Paul Tither wrote to the council in a bid to allow Katie – who keeps horses on her land – to have the cabin put up temporarily.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he told them: “The proposals are to provide adequate living accommodation for a family of five including a disabled child for a temporary period. The applicant needs to be on site to tend to the horses within the stables in case of an emergency overnight.”

Council officer Lisa da Silva said: “The planning authority would not normally grant permission for such development but under the circumstances it is considered reasonable to make an exception and to allow the development for a limited period.”

well thank go0dness for that!



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