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I grew up watching Texas Country Reporter, back in the day it was called 4 Country Reporter, that’s when there were only a few TV stations to choose from, channel 4 was a Dallas TV station thus the name was born. This show began back in the early 70s and showcased Texans living simple yet interesting lives, TCR gave us a glimpse into the window of those wonderful people.

This is such a sweet couple, Dick and Bonnie Cain, living the ultimate off-grid life out in far western Texas, the love between them is as obvious as the simplicity they are living. I love the ending of this piece, where Bob Philips states, “…and I guess, if you want to simplify your life, you’d best determine if you can handle all that simplification first.”




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  1. I am out here in FAR West Texas, El Paso to be exact.. From the Star on Texas, I am guessing this couple live down by Del Rio some place?

    What a great story, very inspirational. I dream of someday being able to live off-grid, I may do it a bit more modern like with Solar Panels and water collection and other things I have been learning about, maybe in an Earth Ship. Would love to do it out here in Far West Texas or Far Southern New Mexico.

    Stories like this one, are a great feel, and help give hope to our species survival.

  2. Hi, no, actually I haven’t blogged yet. I do comment a lot on survivalist and survival-related websites on subjects interesting and relevant to me.
    As you well-know, it’s quite a busy life living off-grid, as there’s always something to do! But lately I have been considering writing more, and specifically, writing about living off of the grid.
    However, I am a relative ‘baby’, as I’ve lived off-grid for only 2 years now.

  3. Great video with a great message! We’ve been off the grid now for 2 years, and we love it!
    There certainly are times whereupon we are inconvenienced. There are times where we can’t get out for several days because of the road conditions.
    Living at 5500 ft., there’s times where it’s cold-very cold, here in northern Arizona.
    But sitting on our deck, gazing at the stars, listening to the night sounds, brings it all back into proper perspective!
    Just the other day an elk was checking us out, peering over the fence and registering its disdain with a loud snort as it saw our dogs. (and us).
    This video reminds me that we made a prudent choice when we decided to buy and occupy this property!

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