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A gem-like collection of off-grid photos here. There’s Earthships, Monolithic Domes, cute country cottages and Airstereams in the middle of the desert.

There’s close-ups of fireplaces, flowers and flooring. There’s design ideas, tech ideas, interior color co-ordination and bottle-reinforced walls. Oh, and did I say, there’s Earthships…galore?

There’s hot springs and bed springs and spring onions. There’s very few people, which means its a bit of a stylie, self-conscious, and commercial page, but nothing wrong with one or two of those in the world, is there?

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  1. You know, I looked at just the first page and felt absolutely heartbroken. Isn’t what’s depicted the way we all really want to live? I want to quit my stinking job and head out… there.

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