Perry Reeves goes off-grid

Perry Reeves is building a 40-acre “eco estate” in Costa Rica  together with her equally environmentally conscious hubby Jeff Garrett who is in charge of home-improvement details.

“It’s a beautiful property,” said the Entourage star on the red carpet poolside. “It’s all off-grid . . . [with] solar and hydro power. It’s been my passion for the last five years.”

“You’re really removing yourself,” agreed the New Hampshire native. “It’s right next to the beach but between two rivers.”

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  1. This is exactly what my husband and i have been working on saving money to do. His family is from Costa Rica and the majority of them still live there. We went there a few years back and have been working ever since to move there, but the hard time with the Economy has made our journey take much longer. I would love to hear more about what you are doing and mybe share what we are planning on doing when we get there.

    Many blessings and hope to join you on the same path one day!

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