Pass the sick-bag

Field - cynical bag
Field - cynical bag

There is it seems no limit to the craven way the media accepts celebrity claims to have gone eco.

Chain-smoking New York designer and stylist Patricia Field (Sex and the City, Ugly Betty) has teamed up with Diet Coke to create a limited edition shopping bag design – “made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.”

Says one particularly moronic tabloid: “Patricia Fields shows you can be a fashionista and a green goddess at the same time with this must-have shopper bag” (Now Magazine).

The idea of Diet Coke as a fit partner for an eco-initiative is as repellent as the drink itself.  And there is something particularly shameless about a snobbish stylist and fashion designer (two of the most wasteful occupations on the planet) putting herself forward as a savior of the environment.

The pink bag is being given away free in UK stores nationwide with any two 500ml bottles of Coke – which must be the .

‘Together with Diet Coke, I’m showing that an eco-friendly bag doesn’t have to be brown, it can be fierce,’ says Patricia Fields.

‘Enjoy it. After all, the compliments you will receive, I know you’ll use it over and over. That’s why it’s called “Where did you get that bag?”.’

Still -its made out of plastic – so it will be perfect for binge-drinking ladettes to puke up in the cab home on a friday night.  The nation’s cab drivers will be grateful.

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  1. Ewe, I agree with ToniM, why are you being such an ECOsnob. You can’t look down your nose @ MultiNational’s efforts to greenwash when you take money from then as advertisers. On your page on even as I read this article there is space for Levi’s and Crate and Barrel. I don’t think they “are off the grid- free your self” types. It is pretty “holier than though”. Makeup your mind, are you on the grid or off it?

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