Palin speaks her brains

Palin. Oil? You betcha.
Palin. Oil? You betcha.

Sarah Palin has put some of her thoughts on the record in an interview withRush Limbaugh. See the transcript below.

Limbaugh was moved to say of Palin; “The intellectuals don’t understand her, don’t like her. She doesn’t analyze herself. She doesn’t analyze her thoughts; she just has them and expresses them.” He described her new book  ‘Going Rogue’ as “One of the most substantive policy books I’ve read.”  He might be serious!

Palin herself often claims to be misrepresented by the liberal press. So to ensure that there is no possibility of that, here verbatim is the wit and the wisdom of Sarah Palin on the subject of the energy policy.

RUSH: What’s our biggest energy challenge as a country? Do you believe at all or some or a lot in the modern-day go-green movement of solar and wind and all of these nefarious things that really don’t produce anything yet?

515hwoja52l-_sl160_-5095000GOV. PALIN: “I think there’s a lot of snake oil science involved in that and somebody’s making a whole lot of money off people’s fears that the world is… It’s kind of tough to figure out with the shady science right now, what are we supposed to be doing right now with our climate. Are we warming or are we cooling? I don’t think Americans are even told anymore if it’s global warming or just climate change. And I don’t attribute all the changes to man’s activities. I think that this is, in a lot of respects, cyclical and the earth does cool and it warms.

“And our greatest challenge with energy is that we’re not tapping it to the abundant domestic supplies that God created right underfoot on American soil and under our waters. It’s ridiculous that we are circulating hundreds of billions of dollars a year in foreign countries, asking them to ramp up production so that we can purchase it from them — especially from the regimes that can control us via energy, using it as a weapon against us, potentially. It’s nonsense that this administration and past administrations haven’t really understood yet that inherent link between energy and security. I think more and more Americans are waking up to the fact, though, and we will hopefully see changes there soon.

51eu1djgfxl-_sl160_-5970790RUSH: Vice President Biden chided you, saying, “It’s a little bit more complicated,” Governor Palin, than “Drill, Baby, Drill,” which is one of your chapter titles. What’s complicated about drilling for oil?

GOV. PALIN: Exactly. What is complicated about tapping into abundant, safe domestic supplies that could provide stability for our country and security for our country? I know Alaska has billions of barrels of oil underfoot, and we have the natural gas that’s waiting to be tapped, too; and other states do, too. It’s not that complicated. It’s political, and that’s what is the shame in this, is that for political reasons we’re not allowing to tap these domestic supplies.

‘Nuff said.

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  1. The author of this article is so biased and immature. I would expect writing of this quality from a high school student. Too bad Amy never learned how to compose without name calling. I will be deleting and blocking your website. Life is too short, and I have better things than read this garbage.

  2. RUSH “…all of these nefarious things that really don’t produce anything yet?”
    Mr Limbaugh needs to do further research. In coastal waters of the British Isles and Ireland they ARE GENERATING POWER WITH TIDAL GENERATORS. The Canadian government has contracted to install similar systems in British Columbia and several other areas. Germany has multiple communities that have solar and wind power as their majority power sources. Spain, India, China, Japan, Australia & other countries have alterantive energy generation installed and plan to install more.

    PALIN “I think there’s a lot of snake oil science involved in that and somebody’s making a whole lot of money off people’s fears that the world is…It’s kind of tough to figure out with the shady science right now…”
    EX-governor Palin shows her obvious ignorance of the entire energy fieldand a lack of basic knowledge of science in general.

    As to the comment of several individuals earlier that this article has no place on OffGrid, this is exactly the type of reporting that needs wider disemination to show the lack of knowledge and fearmongering that is holding back developement of non-oil energy.

  3. Wow – who would have thought a Palin and Limbaugh story would incite so much commentary. Personally, I think Limbaugh is a complete tool, and anyone who listens to him is either seriously devoid of brain matter or looking for a good laugh. Drilling for more oil in Alaska is only a (very expensive and)very temporary bandaid for our energy problems. So there’s a few billion barrels of oil there – we would go through the entire suspected alaskan amount (3 billion barrels) in less than a year. But why bother with foresight, when wasting resources is such a well-loved american pastime?

  4. Speaking on behalf of off-grid – we encourage people of every kind of view to contribute to these pages, and try not to censor things unless they are obscene or totally off-topic.

    We are very keen to hear from Palin supporters of all kinds

  5. I agree with Lornkanaga. There are a surfeit of websites about politics. Not so on off-grid living. Wouldn’t it be great if going off the grid became a pursuit that brought together people from all kinds of backgrounds and helped them see what they have in common? I think that has already happened to some extent. If it became wildly successful in uniting people, the divide-and-conquer politicians (read: all of them) would quake with fear.

  6. I hope this article doesn’t represent the opinion of the Off-Grid management or the major opinion of most “Offgriders”. If so, I’m in the wrong place. She’s right! We need to capitalize on our own resources not just alternative but oil too. Restricting drilling, nuclear etc is just a recipe for keeping us dependent on the rest of the world. All in the name of extreme environmentalism. Global warming is probably a fact but calling it a “man made” crisis is ridiculous.

  7. “Do you believe at all or some or a lot in the modern-day go-green movement of solar and wind and all of these nefarious things that really don’t produce anything yet?”

    Does anyone who frequents this website honestly believe that wind and solar “really don’t produce anything yet”? Everyone should take a step back from their political leanings and think independently for one minute. Yes we are sending money overseas for oil, I think most people think this is bad. How much oil will be drawn out of US soil? At what cost to the environment? How many jobs will this oil drilling create? How about the green economy? It increases energy independence and security while creating jobs in America. Who can argue against that?

  8. I think that as this site is bound to attract right-minded people as well as gun-stroking, bible-sniffing, survivalist wack-jobs, one is bound to get a w–i–d–e r–a–n–g–e of opinions on the Palin question. Opinions are like assholes (everyone has one). And the biggest assholes are the most opinionated.

  9. It is always a funny thing to me that when people can’t find anything of substance to say about or debate with someone when they don’t agree with said person (or people), they tend to fall back on name calling. :-)
    ad hominem

  10. Can we drill for what we know we have while we look for good alternatives? I live where solar would make lots of sense any time of year! I have often thought that couch potatoes would do better if they had to charge up the TV with a treadmill or stationary bike before they could watch or even while they watch. Wouldn’t that take care of some obesity?

    Yes, it’s possible to be a “green” conservative.

  11. Come on, Palin has said MUCH dumber stuff than this. Let’s face it, Climate Change has become political, the scientists don’t have control and they have to go along the political doom and gloom consensus if they want funding.

    Drilling for oil instead of looking for better energy sources IS stupid, but I don’t think it’s stupidest…

  12. I have to agree with Palin and Limbaugh, let’s use what is in our own back yard, while at the same time working on better ways to become energy independent.

    Why do we have a clearly political rant posted on this site? Is this a political site or an off-grid site? The story is fine, but the name calling seems to be a bit childish.

  13. ditto JimG.

    I agree with her statements completely.

    I read the posts on this site to gleen information about gaining independence from our power-grabbing government when they decide to take control of our energy sources.

  14. Nick,

    Does this even belong here? It’s a political rant, with nothing even closely related to off-grid living in its content. As for Ms. Suarez’s environmental statements, if she’d bother to read Ms. Palin’s book or read more than one or two interviews, she’d know that the former governor of Alaska is a life-long environmentalist*, as is her husband, and their families. Responsible resource management includes weighing environmental factors, especially in Alaska where so many livelihoods depend on the land and sea.

    * Opinions may vary.

  15. I don’t know where you get Limbaugh as “foul mouthed”, and I agree with most of what Sarah says. Just the fact that it makes too much sense for you liberals to understand means that you are too elitist for my sake. God save us from people like you!

  16. Is “stupidist” a word? Only a leftist NY Times columnist would
    call Limbaugh a has-been and consider Palin an idiot. This is typical
    of those on the left of left and fawning over Obama and his ilk.

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