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I love seeing how other people live off-grid, each of us has our own ways, some are hard core, no electricity of any sort, some have all the modern conveniences… it just all depends on what you are looking to do and the finances you have to spend… of course the more modern conveniences you wish to have, the more $$$s it’s going to cost. We went somewhere in the middle, leaning towards slightly primitive…

Here are some videos of several people living off-grid.

This one is a more modern family, with TV, electric lights and such, it’s obvious they are careful about how many lights they have on, I noticed they keep things a little on the dark side, and he said that they wait until sunny days to do things like vacuuming…

Of course the Amish are one of the original off-gridders! There are questions as to whether or not THIS guy if really Amish, call him what you like, if he’s living off-grid then he’s really living the life and is qualified to talk about it. :)

I watched most of this about a year ago when it first came online, it’s probably the reality of living in a communal off-grid situation, especially in such an out of the way place…

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