Opting out of the Phone race

When you’re trying to keep things simple and low tech, you want a low impact, low maintenance phone. Something that you can use in case of emergency, take a few photos with…..but otherwise largely ignore.

While you may not be interested in getting the latest models or buying from the big name brands you do want a set that supports your lifestyle, so lets take a look at phones that offer the best performance with the minimum of fuss. You’ll just need to figure out the best plan – again stay away from the high street names and try something like the SMARTY Mobile coverage plan.

Battery Life

In an ideal world you’d charge up the phone and leave it well alone until it’s needed but when you do need to make a call in an emergency it’s good to know the phone is there ready to go. If you’re looking for a phone that puts in the hours and is rugged and durable to boot, take a look at the Cat B25. This non-smartphone phone is perfect for those with active or outdoor lifestyles. It’s waterproof for up to 1-metre and it’s chunky buttons make it easy to make calls even when you’re wearing gloves.

The battery should stay for at least a couple of weeks at a time and talk time is around 550 minutes.

For a fliptop phone the Nokia 2720 Fold is another good option. This phone is smaller and even more basic than the Cat, making it a good lightweight option. The battery life is decent and because it lacks any kind of microSD memory support it’s a very affordable option.


If you’re looking for a phone that’s a step up from these more basic options but still in the same ballpark, then you might consider the Nokia 3310 3G. Unlike the previous phones, this one also has 3G which means you will have access to some data. With good battery life, this phone also comes with an FM radio tuner. With Bluetooth and a camera, though without wifi you can listen to your favourite music or podcasts while you work without the distraction of social media and games, though be warned it does feature the classic Nokia game of Snake.

The Lightphone 1 is a strange but nevertheless interesting phone that looks like a smartphone but doesn’t have very many of the features at all. The idea with the 1 model is that you can pair with your smartphone and just use the basic features without the distraction of the fluff of the smartphone. However if you don’t own a smartphone then the Lightphone 2 is probably the better model for you.

It’s still basic but the layout mimics that of a smartphone making it much clearer to see and use. You can add basic tools such as a calculator or music player but these are entirely optional. You will never see social media apps, news or advanced messaging services on this phone, just basic options available more clearly and with a much more user-friendly design.
Other Benefits of ‘Dumb’ Phones (apart from price)

You’re probably a convert to a lack of technology but the benefits of ditching tech are plentiful and when it comes to smartphones, there are some specific benefits.

That blue light that emits from your phone day and night is said to be what keeps you awake, especially after an evening of scrolling through various social media feeds and news sites. Take away that blue light and the brain stimulation that goes with it, and some researchers say you’re looking at better quality and longer sleep. Those notifications that go ping in the night won’t wake you up and there’ll be no temptation to reach out and take a peek at your socials if you do wake up.

When it comes to stepping back from social media, the benefits here are huge too. The constant stream of advertising and the temptation to compare yourself, whether by looks, family, job or success to others is shown to be detrimental to mood, especially among people whose mental health is already compromised. Backing away from that constant stream is a liberating experience and positive for your mental health.

And if you want to stay well away from the grid, there is one other useful tip – keep your phone switched off when you aren’t using it. That way you save energy, and follow the slogan of this web site: free yourself!

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