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Boston bombing victim 3 lu lingziWith the tragedy of the bombing in Boston, this is just one more reminder that we need to be prepared for as many different situations as possible. First I want to say how saddened I am by the actions of whoever is responsible, this is an unspeakable tragedy to those who were injured, killed and traumatized by this bombing, to all their friends and families.

Now, to the prepping part of this. While the police were looking for suspects, including having a firefight, that area was locked down by the police, the people were told to stay in their home and not come out. This only lasted a short period of time, but if something were to happen that lasted a lot longer, days or weeks, I have to wonder how many would have had enough food and other necessities to stay in without going hungry? What if this happened a few days before payday and you were planning on going to the store in a few days? What would your fridge and pantry look like? Nearly empty? For those who are prepared, that wouldn’t matter much at all. Are YOU ready for such an emergency?

Well, now is the time to start, you don’t have to do it all at once, most of us live on budgets, some on very tight budgets, but that shouldn’t be your excuse for not prepping. Even if all you had was a weeks worth of Ramen noodles, THAT would get you through until you could go back out again. But who wants to live on Ramen for a week? Actually there are ways to spruce it up and make it a LOT better than just cooking the noodles and adding the spice packet. These two inexpensive books 101 Things to Do with Ramen Noodles and 101 More Things To Do With Ramen Noodles (101 Things to do With) have lots of great recipes using the lowly ramen noodle pack, I have both of these and I give it a hearty two thumbs up!

You can easily budget in some inexpensive foods that don’t need refrigeration, can be stashed just about anywhere and are easy to prepare, even if you just buy one or two extra items per payday, it’s a start. You can learn more about doing this here: https://off-grid.net/tag/prepping-on-a-budget/

Good for you, now it’s time to add to your preps, as far as I’m concerned, no one can ever be fully prepped, no matter how much foods and other preps you have stashed, there is always room for improvement, there are always more items you can add. Look around, get creative, don’t forget that other people may show up on your doorstep looking for help in an emergency, whether they are needing food, water, medicine, they may be family, friends, neighbors, I think it would be far better to be able to share (without hurting your immediate needs) than it would be to turn them away or have to defend what you have worked so hard to put aside.

For those who don’t believe this applies to you, for those who don’t think this could happen in your neighborhood, I’ll bet all the people affected by this would have said the same thing just a few days ago… life goes on, until it doesn’t… are you ready?

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  1. I think just as much can be learned from the tragedy in West, TX. It really matters who you choose to have as your neighbors in a disaster. People suffered because a long-term neighbor was irresponsible with dangerous chemicals. People lived because they had neighbors who ran towards the disaster to help instead of running away. Cultivating relationships with your neighbors is just as important a survival skill as storing food. IMHO. :)

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