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Kate Moss – Glamping
When Fashion jumps on the off-grid caravan, is it time to be afraid, very afraid?  The dumbing down has started, you may think.

On the other hand,  if it brings the idea of off-grid living to thousands who would not otherwise consider it, what can be the harm in that?

British supermodel Kate Moss is renowned as a canny trend-spotter who has revived her career time and again with new looks and new boyfriends.

Moss went back to basics for her latest fashion shoot with a taste of gypsy living as she joined a group of travellers for a photo spread for the upcoming issue of V Magazine.

The style chameleon showcased a hippy chic look as she posed in a caravan, on the back of a horsedrawn cart and even perched upon a pony.

But her relaxed outfits were not without a designer price tag.

She modelled a range of high-end labels including Isabel Marant, Chloe Sevigny, Kenzo, John Galliano, Stefanel, and Dsquared.

During the shoot, which took place in May for V Mag, Kate made herself right at home with the community.

She lived with the travellers over the two-day shoot in Shepton Mallet, Somerset and sang and danced ‘around the clock’ during her visit.

The multi-millionaire was snapped huddled amongst the bearded travellers as she joined the 20-strong group for a rollicking night at their makeshift camp.

Despite shunning local hotels, there was obviously a limit to how far she was prepared to go.

Rather than bedding down around a campfire, Kate instead went ‘glamping’ – glamorous camping – and stayed in a designer campervan, rather like Off-Grid Editor Nick Rosen when he wrote his book How to Live Off-Grid.

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  1. HAHAHA they can gentrify my caravan all they want… 8b Whats going to get pricey? Are farmers gonna start chargeing more? Is the price of wood going up? Living in a bus or a trailer takes a lot more effort than a flat. Most people couldn’t be arsed.

  2. Kiss of death, man, KOD! As soon as something becomes a middle-class trend you find eveything suddenly gets pricey. It happened and continues to happen for people living on Britain’s waterways. Gentrification sucks.

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