Surviving Off Off-Grid by Michael Bunker

Michael Bunker’s book was first published from this page in 2009. New chapters were generally added each Thursday.

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  1. This is one of the best books I have ever read regarding the concept of sustainability in the truest and purest form of the word. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the trappings of modern day America should read this and be inspired to work toward a better and more fulfilling life. Even though I am not a Christian and do not particularly care about the references made to the Bible, the way that Michael approaches the subject matter with solid logic backed with strong factual evidence and information is very impressive and convincing. Long ago I decided to simplify my life and this wonderful book has given me more encouragement to pursue that goal. Thank you Mr. Bunker for writing it.

  2. Hi Mike Do you think the Christmas tree is an occult symbol. You know Albert Pike’s people we’re a major financer of the south, don’t you. Why have the blue betty (close enough) flag on one of your web pages. I am a born again believer and I have to say, some of your preaching is a little scary. I’m a struggling christian, but I know in my heart where supposed to tell people about Jesus Christ. Believe me I live in Massachusetts an I have a hard time telling others, either out of fear or guilt or the devil. We fight the world the flesh and the devil and that’s the truth. But let me tell ya spreading God’s word about Jesus is are duty as Christians. Apologetics aside. Even as a Christian still a babe it doesn’t seem to me we supposed to have all are verses straight and be living a totally sinless life( as close as we can be). before we share the gospel with someone. Jesus says in his word to paraphase. If your ashamed of me I’ll be ashamed of you. That in my mind goes out to a born again christian every time he goes out in public. That christian knows he should share the word of God, but sometimes doesn’t.Not very concise message I’m sorry. I have a lot of questions for you. I have a few of your books. Don’t know if this is the correct forum for writing you emails but I could not find another site. Thanks Bob B.IC.

  3. Wow! This is the best book for my 16 years in USA.
    I came (in 1995 ) from USSR. Well, now I can see that here in USA the Property Taxes is a killer of freedom! These unregulated Property Tax is a knife and gun in the hands of Big Government. Sorry to say, but the real freedom in USA is gone… They will tell you what to build, code to obey, you have to get all permits! I am not a robot, I was made by Lord, by God and that is why I own some small footage on this earth and it should be Tax Free! Thank you for such a great book!

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