Off-Grid woman storms Minister’s speech

One of the Greenpeace protesters who forced their way into the UK Chancellor’s Mansion House speech last night lives on an off-grid rabbit farm in rural Wales.

The activist – Janet Barker  –  was pushed against a column and held around the neck by Tory junior minster Mark Field before he marched her out of the room last night.

Barker was at the forefront of an attempt in 2017 to immobilise thousands of VW diesel cars by climbing aboard the ship they were imported on in the Thames, with the intention of stealing all the keys.

Mrs Barker, originally from Wigan, lives in a 12.5 acre farm in rural Wales with her husband Peter, and they run a business knitting items from the wool of the Angora rabbit.

The firm’s website says that the couple moved to the farm as part of a ‘long term plan to live on a low impact, sustainable smallholding,’ and stay in a small, zero carbon house, powered entirely by renewable energy.’

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