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13 Responses

  1. I’m 17, and I am wanting to live off-grid immensely.
    Though, I don’t know much quite yet on how to. I am eagerly looking for any advice from anyone who is knowledgeable about it. I can’t not stand this society anymore. I don’t want to do it alone but if it comes down to it I just might.
    But, none the less if anyone has any knowledge, experience, or advice they would like to share, preferably someone in California. I would greatly appreciate it. I am aware on how difficult it is so don’t tell me I’m in over my head because of my age.

  2. Any ideas on water/sewer solutions to be off-grid (in st. paul, mn)?
    I am thinking the winters might make this difficult or impossible.

    any thoughts or ideas or links are appreciated!

  3. Thank, I really appreciate that. I would like to network/communicate with more non-wealthy off-gridders.
    That is great information. I plan to go off-grid.

    I wonder if there are any Florida off-gridders watching this. IF so, I’d like to get in contact.

    Thanks again.

  4. Rudy, If you really want to live off-grid and use a shipping container, then it’s up to you to learn the information you need to know about land regulations, it very much depends on where you are going to live, different places have different rules and regulations, usually the farther you are from “town”, the fewer regulations there are. Do your homework, look around and see what is available, one good source for information on what permits you may or may not need is a realtor.

    As far as your belief that everyone who lives off-grid is wealthy, think again, my hubby and I live 100% off-grid, this is our 3rd winter living here, we have done everything very much on the cheap, the property was cheap, the small house we built ourselves was cheap (we used a lot of recycled materials), our lifestyle is very cheap. It’s quite possible to do. You can read about how we did it here on this site, just look to the top left of the screen, click on “select category” and choose my name at the bottom of the menu Wretha, you will find that it is possible to live cheap, the main thing you need to remember is you have to do as much for yourself as possible, anytime you have someone else do anything, it takes money out of your pocket. We do everything for ourselves, we are very independent, we are far from wealthy, in fact we earn so little money that we would easily fall into the poverty category, but I assure you that we are happy, we are not on welfare, we are healthier than we have ever been.

    Stop waiting for someone to tell you what to do, just go out and DO IT for yourself, find a cheap property with little to no building codes, look up Jospeh Jenkins Humanure and you will know how to take care of your sewage problem, learn how to grow your own food, learn how to preserve your harvest (drying, canning…), get a few chickens and rabbits… you can do whatever you really want to do.


  5. I am considering going off the grid in a shipping container home, but I really need info on land regulations. I have heard of no permit required, but I do not know what that entails, also need info on best and easiest ways to dispose of sewage. I find it a bit ludicrous that many who advocate simple living are so wealthy that it is nothing to them. Many of us are not wealthy, simply would like to get away from civilization and have a way to live.

  6. Hi – I wanted to read many of the stories here but I could not, because of a google ad box that floated over the text on the right side of the screen. It went down about three paragraphs, so I couldn’t get most of the first three paragraphs of a story. I hope you can get that fixed, as I am very interested in your website and the subject matter here. Thanks!

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