Off-grid communities at sea

Possible future sea-community

Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel has made his second donation to the Seasteading Institute which is setting up libertarian countries on artificial islands. How Hurriacane Irene would affect such country if it were to be established is hard to predict.

Off-Grid first reported on this story in 2008 – https://off-grid.net/2008/05/21/reinventing-the-nation-state/

Thiel, who gets seasick and does not like boats. plans to develop the solar and wind-powered micro-economy suitable for up to 300 people off the coast of California.

He told Details magazine he had contributed another $750,000 to the project, small change for a man who made a reputed $1.5billion selling his stake in Paypal

Thiel believes building artificial countries on the ocean might be the only way to launch full-fledged societies that have enough resilience to survive the coming downturn. The German-born financier wants to test the libertarian ideals of Ayn Rand, in whose novels heroic capitalists abandon society, which then falls apart.


Interest in Rand has been revived by the Tea Party movement. Last week, it looked as if the Seasteaders’ dream was collapsing as their founder, Patri Friedman, a former Google engineer, abruptly quit. The Seasteaders are updating plans for an “oceanic homestead” they hope will be operating by 2014.

Thiel made news earlier this year for putting a portion of his $1.5 billion fortune into an initiative to encourage entrepreneurs to skip college.




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  1. I am very interested in this subject. However I have a big problem in that I am diabetic. Does anyone have info. on natural meds for this disease? I do have a sailboat and am pretty selfstaining with solar panels etc. But I have to have my meds.

  2. Wow! I am shocked by Thiel’s behavior. I would have never suspected such a thing from somebody in his position. I am really glad to know there are at least some people out there promoting productive ideas!

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