Off-Grid 4th of July


This year,  we had the best 4th of July celebration,  the SkyCastle has become quite the destination spot for our friends,  so PB (Primitive Bob) created a party spot down by the road.  A few years back when my son came out for a visit,  he and PB built what was supposed to be a garage…  Well you know what garages are for,  not for vehicles,  they become a place to store junk…


Over the last few months,  PB has transformed the garage/junk room into a clubhouse.  He installed a small solar system,  a few solar panels,  charge controller, an older (but still good) deep cycle battery, and an inverter.  With this,  PB was able to string some white LED Christmas lights and a radio for music. Add in some chairs and we have ourselves a fun spot for our friends to drop by and hang out.


As with everything else in our lives,  this is a work in progress,  I’d like to have a small cooler to keep drinks cold in the summer,  maybe even a way to have ice and a bit of running water.


PB did take our propane grill down,  we had hotdogs and sausages. It was quite the fun day. We chose not to go into town,  it was much better to stay home :),  I certainly hope you had a great holiday.

Images courtesy of my friend Laurie.

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