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  1. We are interested in living a Mobile/Nomadic lifestyle. While we know we have about 7 years until we launch our “Land Yacht” :) We are exploring tool acquisition and learning so we’ll be ready for our new life. What kind of fuels can your Energy System accept? Can it be charged with Electro-Solar paneling? Can it be added to a conventional US home electrical system to reduce use of Grid Power? Is it safe to be fully mobile in a RV, Camper or Truck?

  2. I’m looking for something with power for at least 1200-2500 watts. Which would handle refrigerators, medical devices, and luxury items all day everyday. Or could run some power tools or ACs if needed for short times.
    Something that will withstand extreme temperatures (-50 to 100) and weather.
    I’m down with lots of power sources and I think relying on one is useless.

  3. I would like to complete the form for individual specifications but it is not there. We are looking to go off-grid and thought your advice for the off -grid Energy Design Service sounds good. Can you give me some idea of cost for the service please. thanks for a great site!

  4. I live in Australia on 2 acres and we are getting ready to build a new 5 bed 3 bathroom home with water treatment system water tanks and I would like to build the home off the grid.
    if you could help me reach this goal, that would be great. Cheers.

  5. I am researching for Off-Grid energy storage. I live in North-East, WA area. I would like the spec’s, info, costs, ect and the different models for a off-grid home use. Thanks Vic

  6. Hello,

    Are you located in UK because your phone number suggests. Also how much is the 2.2kw generator that you talked about? Lastly. how much can you supply 3kw and 5kw Package?

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly

  7. I filled out the form above but it keeps telling me I didn’t. Can you give me a ballpark figure for a 1000 square foot home with a furnace/air conditioners, two heated fish/turtle tanks and the usual for everything else? We are in Ontario, Canada

  8. i need help with the basics too. its just refrigerator, 3light bulbs, 1 desktop, 1 laptop, 1 tv washing machine, 2fan. and the only thing that will run continously is the frigde. so fridge and computers, or fridge and lights,and computer at the same time. or i can disconnect fridge and run washer and tv at the same time viseversa.

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