Occupy London – the phony war is over

There's no Remembrancer here, dear

The gloves are off in the 100-day standoff between the City of London Corporation and London Occupy protesters.

Occupy organisers plan to take over more buildings in the next few weeks, as the movement focuses public attention on finance industry billionaires. This evening it offered to vacate squatted buildings in return for concessions from City grandees on the transparency of their fundraising and lobbying operations.

After eviction orders were handed out to the St Paul’s and Bank of Ideas squatters by the High Court last week, the Occupy movement took a new building last morning, in the Barbican area of the City of London, and organisers expect to move into other addresses over the next few days.

But hours later the occupiers left the building after owners cited safety concerns. It is thought Occupy legal advisers considered the presence of Asbestos in the building would give the owners carte blanche to clear the Occupation before it had taken root.

In the few hours when the building was occupied, protesters garnered international publicity for their offer to leave the building only if the City Corporation (ultimate owners of the Square Mile) had agreed to open up its books to pubic scrutiny. Occupy supporters are worried that billions is being spent lobbying on behalf of the banks and other financial institutions. They point out that there is a little-know title in the Houses of Parliament called The Remembrancer, whose job is to warn the City Corporation of any legislation that might affect the interests of the denizens of the City of London. Is own web site says: “As the City’s head of protocol, the Remembrancer’s Office is responsible for organising events and hospitality on behalf of the City Corporation. Functions range from small receptions to major State banquets.”

The Remembrancer has an official location, out of sight behind the Speakers chair in the House of Commons, where he (always a he)  can see and hear everything but not be seen or heard. Little John has raised no objection to this tradition.
– ends –

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