Next-gen info processing

If you are reviewing your carbon footprint, consider a data storage and retrieval system now being sold on the internet.

The product does not need a plug or a battery since it draws on power sources that are off the grid. Its data storage units are compostible, so you can ditch those polycarbonate plastic CDs that will last 10,000 years in the landfill. Tired of paying outrageous prices for replacement ink cartridges? Not with this baby.

The operating system itself can last for years as well without need for upgrade or additional software. The device responds to your mental processes, so that you can prepare posters, newsletters and business letters merely by thinking about them.

Its initial purchase price is lower than other desktop systems and it does not require regular upgrades. It’s a perpetual information recording and retrieval system.

What is this wonder machine? Would you believe the manual typewriter?

You are the power source, operating system and software. Paper is the storage medium. Want a laptop? Get a portable version and put it on your lap. Peripherals? Add a notebook and a pencil.

It’s that easy.

Where can you get one? Amazon.com sells an Olivetti portable, for $140.

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