New Storage Inverters for US Military Micro-Grid Demo

Sustainable Energy Technologies, a manufacturer of intelligent power electronics for decentralized generation and storage systems, reported that a contractor has selected the Company’s Bidirex energy storage inverter for a US Army contract to demonstrate a new Intelligent Scalable Micro-Grid solution.

First deliveries are planned for this month. The Company noted that the identity of the contractor is not disclosed due to confidentiality obligations and for competitive reasons.

“A micro-grid is an autonomous power supply system that delivers firm, grid quality power to isolated or critical loads from local generation sources,” said Brent Harris, CTO of Sustainable Energy. “”AC coupled” micro-grids are gaining ground quickly as the next generation off-grid system due to their flexible, modular design, with the military taking a leading role in deployment and demonstration.”

“Our patented Bidirex energy storage inverter enables the highly flexible “AC coupled” design with the power industry’s highest round trip conversion efficiencies. Its unique open control easily accommodates emerging low voltage battery technologies and greatly facilitates system design.”

“Customer up-take to date indicates that a significant portion of North American market for distributed energy storage in the next few years will come for remote industrial (telecommunications, oil and gas, mining) and military applications.”

“Inverter-controlled, battery centric micro-grids, using alternative energy sources, are often able to deliver more resilient power at a lower cost than diesel generators that have been traditionally used in these applications,” Harris added.

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