Net zero solar home – video

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Here is an example of how to make the best use of the home you have – however un-eco it was to start with.
Pete Vigs has slashed his family’s energy use by converting to a net-zero solar powered home that uses no oil or gas.
His 4 part video (click keep reading to see it) shows all the changes he’s made, three years into a 10 year peak oil preparedness plan. To his surprise, his life is now better while using much less energy and having less impact on the environment.

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  1. Re: Capitalism. No, capitalism doesn’t collapse. It adapts. When it becomes economically viable to no longer use oil, alternatives will present themselves.

    I’m looking at a remote property with no grid power. It will be cost-prohibitive to bring in a power line, so we’re going solar and perhaps gasification. The capitalistic principles at work.

    Capitalism is the solution, not the problem. Your own reasons for making your changes were economic – capitalistic. CT prices were too high, so you adapted. Well done!

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