More tiny homes, on wheels!

tinyhomeonwheelsWith the cost of living going up and up and our wages going down and down, one of the ways to cut back on living expenses is by going small with your home. I wrote about this a while back, https://off-grid.net/2013/10/06/tiny-homes-cheap/ one of the comments I saw was the fact that so many municipalities, even some rural ones, have restrictions on the size of homes, they have minimum requirements (boo!), personally I believe it’s all about being able to extract more tax money from the people.

One way to possibly get around that, and to pay fewer taxes is to have a small, or tiny “mobile” home, a tiny home on wheels. This isn’t meant to be hauled around like you would a travel trailer, you would set it up on a property, hopefully one you owned free and clear, well as free and clear as the government will allow you to be. Since it IS on wheels, you could move it if you needed or wanted to, but for the most part, you would park it somewhere and leave it.

Here are some fun videos showing some the serious side of tiny “mobile” homes..

Hope this inspires you to consider going small when looking for affordable housing.

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