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Yesterday, while surfing Facebook, one of my friends liked and shared a photo link,  I’ll not say what the page was,  I don’t want to embarrass anyone,  but the gist of the graphic was:

Off-Grid,  no mortgage or rent,  no electric bill, free water, grow your own food, total self sustainability, be with nature, and still have every modern luxury. 

Hmmmm,  sounds really good,  appealing in every way,  there is one teensy little problem,  it’s not free.  Living off-grid does not alleviate you of bills or responsibility,  it in fact gives you even more to be responsible for.

I wrote a reply to each bullet point made above,  I’m not knocking living off-grid,  we have lived this way for near 10 years now and love it,  I just get annoyed when major misconceptions are bandied about.

Welllllll, you still have to buy a property where you are allowed to live off-grid, find a cheap one and you can pay for it up front or you will have a mortgage (or loan payments),  you could squat illegally,  but that will only last as long as you aren’t caught. Or you could ask a property owner if you can stay on their land,  good luck.

NO electric bill is right, but there are expenses involved, those photons don’t collect or store themselves, there is also ongoing maintenance.

Free water, maybe, you either have to drill a well, that is expensive, there is equipment involved, storage, pumps, or you can collect rain water, again there are up front expenses…

Yes, you can grow your own food, again it’s not free, there are expenses involved in that.

Self sustaining, hardly, you can be more self sufficient but it’s impossible to be fully, 100% self sufficient.

Yes, you can be with nature,  that’s probably the truest statement in the list.

Yes, you can do all of this and have every modern convenience, but it’s NOT FREE! Anyone who tells you that is either lying or naive. Living off-grid is attainable, I do it, but it’s no cake walk, I love my life but would never tell anyone lies about it…

I’m not trying to bum anyone out,  but reality is real, you don’t get something for nothing,  you have to work for what you want,  if living off-grid is the thing you want to do,  then go for it,  make a plan,  set goals,  work and save your money, learn as much as you can about living off-grid,  get some hands on skills in building,  electricity,  survival, medical, small engine repair…  You get the picture now,  so what are you waiting for? :)

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  1. 100% true. Good for you. Been living this way for 12 years and just installed new batteries for my solar system. $5,000.00. Live remote. Boat access only. Gasoline required. Not cheap. Have satellite and Netflex. Not free. So, I kinda have my cake and the forest, too. But I pay for it. Still, I get to watch whales from the front deck, eagles overhead and keep busy keeping it all together. Hugely satisfying, healthy and I would never go back. Ever. Give me a bazillion dollar condo in HELL CITY and I would sell it and take the money to continue to live this way for as long as I can. But I would use the money. Can’t be done otherwise. Keep it real. They ain’t coming, anyway.

  2. Hi! I’m not sure what your name is I didn’t see it written in the post anywhere but I just ran across your post and wanted to ask you a few questions about living off-grid. I’m interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle like you are. As well as possibly making new friends/meeting new people who would like to live this way. If you wouldn’t mind please email me at Jscottbmx@yahoo.com so we can talk more. Thanks!

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