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My garden looks like it’s been frosted, I just finished “fogging” the garden with diatomaceous earth, I try to do it about once a week. I haven’t had much chance to do it lately because of all the rain, it does no good to try to dust when it’s raining or about to rain, it would just be washed off. I have noticed a lot of grasshoppers, though they aren’t doing very much damage, I can see where they are eating the leaves more an more. Today was a fairly sunny day so I decided it was time to do something about the grasshoppers.

Bob has been gone most of the day, out with one of our friends, helping him. I became adventurous and decided to climb up on the roof to change the angle of the solar panels. They are adjustable to face the sun, I thought it would be in the morning position, I was close, once I climbed up there, I could see that it was in a horizontal position, flat. The sun had passed high noon and was heading toward the west, so I undid the bungie cord and tilted the panels toward the west and redid the bungie cord. I looked around, enjoying the view from the roof, I couldn’t tell you exactly how high it is, but suffice it to say it’s around 3 stories tall. That’s all for my adventures today. I spoke to my Dad and he is planning on coming out on Thursday or Friday, it’s been very rainy in the Fort Worth area, so he hasn’t been able to pack the truck, once he is able to do that, he will leave out the following day, I’m hoping he will get a break in the rain in th coming days.

I spoke to my DIL today, she and the baby are doing great, one glitch though, the baby is in a breech position, butt down, so we hope the baby will turn in the next couple of weeks. Her doctor says the baby might come early, not a big surprise, I’ll just have to be ready when the time comes.

Pekoe is doing much better, she has had 4 doses of the antibiotics, Monday night she got a dose, Tuesday she got her morning and night doses, and this morning, she got one dose, today she jumped up on me and got in my face, before now, her breath was horrible, you could smell the infection and it was very stinky, it was miserable if she got under the blanket with one of us and started coughing, you would have to come up for air! This time all I smelled was regular doggie breath, it’s funny to think that doggie breath would be an improvement, but believe me, it is! I had to take a second sniff to make sure, yep, her mouth is doing much, M U C H better.

That’s about all for now, I’m just waiting for Bob to come home, I’ll cook dinner, we will listen to the radio or the internet radio and then we will go to bed. Tomorrow, we have to get the bedroom finished for my Dad, it’s nearly there, we just need to get a few more miscellaneous things out of there, clear off both decks so he can safely walk around out there.


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  1. Seth Thanks, glad you didn’t get blasted by the hurricane!

    Ozark Mama Thanks, I told her about the behind over head thing, hopefully the baby will turn.

    Riverwalker They haven’t done as much damage as they could have done, I think I keep them pretty much under control with the DE… Fish bait huh, there is a pond with fish not too far from me…thanks!

    Mayberry Thanks, it’s funny that doggie breath is good compared to what it used to smell like! I have been smelling her mouth the last 2 days on purpose! It’s sooooo much better!


  2. am glad your dad is coming for a visit, is nice to have company. Talk about rain, here on the east coast of florida we had 11 inches of rain in 24 hours. But no hurricane, thank god.

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