Micro-nuclear lobbies Trump


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  1. I have no idea where this came from, but this is Caroline Cochran, and we at Oklo have not taken a dime from the government and do not lobby for the government to fund companies directly. There is a big role for the government to invest in research and infrastructure.

  2. Instead of nailing the hapless taxpayer, why not attack the root cause of the problem? Namely massive over regulation by the NRC. The inherently passively fail-safe advanced reactors should notbe burdened by the the vast overkill of the existing regulations. The NRC should only deal with what is actually significant (that would be Safety-related, as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations).

    As far as GAIN is concerned, you are forced to use Department of Energy labs to get help. More commonly known as an extortion racket.

    NUSCALE should use their own dam money, not the taxpayers.

    If the government actually wants to help, let investors (e.g. hedge funds) write-off aiding advanced nuclear.

    The government has no business picking the winners and losers in the market place, which is exactly what the DOE is doing now. I predict NUSCALE will fail as their product can not remotely compete with natural gas power plants in the US. Once again, Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars wasted.

    1. We need to look and see how Admiral Hyman Rickover got the first reactor for a submarine approved by the NRC so quickly. I say get the Republican proposal that gets the NRC involved early, re-submitted.

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