Merry Pranksters go Off-Grid and try to Eat Free

Ben and Danny with empty wallets
Ben & Danny – Not tight-wads, more empty-wads
Ben and Danny (pictured) are two of the merriest pranksters on the green scene. They have been spending some time in London and kindly agreed to take time off from their own work in order to help out on the off-grid web site. In their first film they see how hard it is to eat free in Britain’s capital city.

Over the next few weeks they will be making videos on all sorts of issues important to our readers – from water supply to van dwelling to mental health.

In their first video, I send them off to see how hard it was for them to eat for free in London. The answer is – its tough, and slightly disgusting. They are remarkably resilient duo but the tasks I set them are hard to endure and over the months ahead, will test the relationship between us to its limit.

See what you think of the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gxtr19jR6w

Things were very different in my day. As a young man in London I was able to eat free 24/7 in a permanent round of openings, closings, community events and commercial freebies.

Post-Brexit London is a much tawdrier place, and Ben & Danny’s films will reflect that I think. Ben and Danny are both highly motivated by the new paradigm of minimising your carbon footprint, living without impacting on the earth, and keeping yourself outside the system – I am very proud to have them as our new Ambassadors in London.

I look forward to hearing what you think in comments – or write to me at nick@off-grid.net.

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