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I’m not a vegan, a vegetarian or anything remotely like that, I have nothing against anyone who chooses not to eat meat, they have more willpower than I do :)
That being said, in the past, I have tried some of the meatless burger and sausage patties, honestly they tasted OK, just OK, but each time I tried them I ended up with stomach issues, quite frankly it was bad enough that NO ONE would want to be around me for the rest of that day into the next… most of those meatless products are made with soy, something I avoid like the plague, most soy is GMO now, plus the fact that soy mimics estrogen so for most of us, that is not a good thing.

I’ve seen recipes for meatless burgers, often made with TVP (which is soy based), beans, rice, various other grains, quite frankly none of them looked very interesting or good, not enough to get me to try to make them, I’m just not that on board for substituting for meat products…

So fast forward to today, while ducking those pesky kissing bugs, I ran across these 3 videos about how to make meatless sausage using things found in a preppers pantry. Normally I would have skipped right over those videos, but I was intrigued, I’m familiar with these ladies and generally enjoy their videos, my curiosity got the better of me and I watched. After watching, I am delighted in what they made, how the meatless sausage turned out, both in appearance, texture and hopefully taste.


I LOVE breakfast sausage, when I was a teenager, my parents would buy a case of sliced breakfast sausage, we would get it from a place called the egg farm, it wasn’t really a farm, but a stand alone store that sold fresh eggs and other breakfast goodies in bulk quantities, we would get a couple of flats of eggs to last the week, and a huge box of sausage among other things. I would get into the sausage and cook up 4 patties for 1 sandwich… my dad used to fuss, in a good hearted way about how much sausage I could and would eat at once. :)

I don’t eat sausage like that today, but every now and again I get a hankering for a good old sausage sandwich, I don’t buy it that often so perhaps this could be a reasonable substitute when I want some sausage and don’t have any around… I doubt I could get this past PB though, he likes my cooking but is sometimes dubious about my experiments. Once I made some mock crab cakes using zucchini, he came in while I was frying the first batch, he grabbed one and ate it, all the while going on about how good they were… then he asked me what was in it, I could have lied but chose not to… once he discovered the ingredients, he backpedaled about how much he liked them, by the time I had the second batch made, he had decided that maybe they weren’t all that good. Of course he would deny any of this now. :)

So back to the meatless sausage. These are made from simple ingredients most of us have in our pantries, uncooked plain oatmeal, eggs and seasonings, that’s it for the patties themselves, afterward you need oil to cook them in (you fry them 2X) and some meat stock to simmer them in, I suppose the meat stock means these aren’t really vegetarian, I’d bet you could simmer them in a veg stock instead if you were really hardcore about not eating meat products at all… one thing I would try is I like maple flavored bacon and sausage, I bet that could be incorporated, here are the videos, enjoy!

Perhaps this can go in the recipe files with the mock crab cakes, mock apple pie (made with Ritz crackers) and now, meatless sausage… Enjoy!

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  1. One interesting thing you can do , they are VERY hard to find , but go to antique stores and look in the book/magazine sections . During WW2 , the US Government and some privately owned companies of the time , put together recipe books for housewives to better deal with the rationing and shortages , they had all sorts of cool ways to extend and /or substitute things like meat , fruit , etc . They used oatmeal a lot to extend ground meat as oatmeal was not in short supply , Apple pie without apples , apparently its all in the combination of flavors and the spices that trick the pallet into thinking its something its not . That is what you are looking for , like I said , they are hard to find , but they are still out there .

  2. I have tried those dogon fake sausage patties and they bout made me sick. I just cant do it, I have to have real meat, we make our own venison sausage when I get deer or elk so I guess there would be no substitute. I do want to try your crab cakes though, I’m a seafood crab freak…lol

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