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The prestigious TED lectures invited Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man, to their Oporto summit last week. His lifestyle practices the teachings of the Gift Economy – the idea that if each of us gave unconditionally – without expecting anything back in return, then the world could function just as it does at the moment, but without banks, mortgages or exploitation.

How Mark would have flown to Oporto in the moneyless society is not explained. I guess he would not have needed to go.

“We could have a moneyless society TODAY. All it takes is for everyone to abandon money and give their services and products for free to each other.

“And without money we wouldn’t need: Banks, Insurance companies, Sales clerks, Tax people….60% of all ‘jobs’ would be gone, and we could finally concentrate on making this planet The Best Planet For Everyone.”

Google The Venus Project. :)

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  1. A moneyless society would doubtless work on the clan/extended family level, hell, that’s how they’ve all worked and still are working to this day.
    It all boils down to, who do you trust?
    Uncle Sam will take your money and then give it to some stranger who, you can be sure, will most likely not only use it to do something you would never approve of, but worse yet, never acknowledge that YOU were the source of that money used to accomplish very questionable things.
    Would giving some of your cash to an anonymous ( and powerless!) stranger result in a worser outcome?

  2. He is completely correct. I too have been living without money for 5 1/2 years. Of course there are little bits of money here and there as gift giving from others but, you can live without money. Mind you, you have to embrace non-materialism completely, and you have to learn to find joy in activities that don’t cost money but here’s the result. You will discover that the world has a vast treasure trove of wealth that has nothing at all to do with money. Keep giving lectures Mark, they will soon get the idea for themselves.
    Best Regards,
    …Joe Piervincenti…

  3. I am curious……….Those 60% who would no longer have jobs, what would they contribute for free. Though I would love to see the day when insurance companies are history, who would feed all those people who would be unemployed. And what about that part of society that is not particularly motivated to produce. Who’s gonna carry them? Money is just a means of keeping track. Having said that, I would enjoy seeing IRS eliminated, and similar type entities.
    Capitalism is not perfect, but I fail to see where the notion of everybody working for nothing is a viable consideration.

  4. The Venus Project is jet one huge golden cage.Noting of all those talks , will do for you. This project is to clever at the beginning and if in the future you realize , what this is , guess , who can you blame? Yourself ! (All those smart clever talkers walk out clean )Because you are being asked to build it. Just like it always was, the same way. They show you problem, and the solution and motivate you for the perfect solution.The problem this time was centuries old and so known to us for many generations , so now all of sudden they show you nice way of living….How clever….It is perfect timing to introduce this way just now to us.. I would not even dedicate one Min. Of my time to this ripoff slavery attend of Venus project. This is the same shit like after the 2 world war , they advertised America to be the land of free. All you have to do just go there and give your time….. What do you thing , why are those fancy structures not build, out of financial problems? No , way, out of clever way. You do it and they walk out clean if problems come. Any way . There is going to be many people falling and running onto the Venus slavery project designed for the next 21 Century. Wake up. Off-grid and do it yourself and Individuality is the way not the Venus or any other society introducing living better projects of any kind. This is just an very clever designed next attempt of taking your freedom, by making you think , you are more free !
    Think what you want. I know what I know about this Venus Crap. By the way , this is also the homework of one big Individual longing to graduate to hes next level, higher level and you are the helping sheep. If you do not know what I am talking here , then figure it out all your life long .

    I give the biggest respect towards off-grid people and Individuals. I might not know if Off-grid is yet some fork out out of Venus project , to see who catches more attention , but for now I am pleased to read peoples experiences and exchanging info on off-grid website. And I hope this stays this way. I show middle finger to Venus project and thumb up (for now) to off-grid website creator and to others that work here.
    Thank you , have nice one .

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