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I just listened to a Coast to Coast am show featuring Marjory Wildcraft as a guest, I have heard her name before and probably watched a YouTube video or two about her, but after listening to her interview, I’m so much more impressed with her, if you aren’t familiar with her, I think you will be impressed too…  When I first heard about her, I thought she must be some kind of hippy tree hugger, not that there’s anything wrong with that :) it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  Turns out I was way wrong, well she may be a hippy tree hugger, but she is so much more than that!

The interview was mainly about finding your personal bug out or safe location. What I really liked about her take on this is she isn’t telling anyone specific areas to go, she is telling you how YOU can pick YOUR perfect place, a lot of it is based on what you want in an area and even more importantly, what you don’t want, for example if you don’t like lots of snow, then you can pretty much check off the northern parts of the USA, if you aren’t into hurricanes, then many of the coastal areas can be checked off your list… she does give some places that should probably be avoided, such as near or to the west of any nuclear plant, it’s really common sense.

Marjory is really into being as self reliant as possible, even if you live in a high rise apartment, you can grow some herbs if nothing else. If you have a yard, then you can grow some food, not necessarily in “rows”, she apparently like to grow things in a more wild manner, she mentioned in the interview being concerned that something might step on what they think is a weed when in fact it is her future dinner.

Marjory has a YouTube channel with dozens of informative videos


Here is the link to the Coast to Coast am interview


if you scroll down to the bottom of that page, there is a special link just for the Coast to Coast am audience, it allows you to get her newest book (in digital format) for only $2.00, it normally sells for $27. This is a major bargain and you can learn how to increase your and your family’s security using the information in her book. I do not know how long that special will last, the Coast to Coast interview happened back in August of this year and that special has been up since then.

The ebooks below are free as of the time of the posting of this article.

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