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  1. Kremastie…
    an opportunity for all our friends!!!

    As our wishes for sharing our life with more families and people starts to occupy us deeply,
    we have found out that our neighbor land is for sale.

    So now we are calling for anybody who is seeking to live a free life in the forest, enjoying the rare opportunity of good air, silence, clear spring water for drinking and bathing, self grown organic food and isolated beaches and hiking areas just nearby.

    Welcome is everybody who’s vision for sharing life, is build on cooperation in may aspects, mindfulness in every action and a deep understanding, that successful and happy life is possible when participating, giving, caring and sharing is in abundance without expectation for personal gain.

    Our priority is to have a minimum of two families living with us, in order to create an alternative and free educational environment for the children. This should be based on respect for individual capacities and interests, focusing on the nourishment of natural talents and the working with the environment and people around.

    Apart of this we are open to have people in this project who just want to pass for some time to help and learn, and of course people to buy or share the ownership of a land for use like they desire. In order to create a space of love in a natural surrounding in which, by a flow of giving and receiving, there is a magical quality of living unfolding.

    Our vision for the beginning is to combine our land and the neighboring lands for common use. Which means a big garden, big hall for activities (like celebrations; workshops; any practices… yoga, music dancing, martial arts, theater etc.) outdoor kitchen, common facilities for a few camping spots (later huts) for visitors and volunteers.
    We want to create a base of people who sustain the place and have in the same time a life in the wild with a lot of privacy, as well as common areas for sharing activities.

    Please feel free to send this mail to anyone who could be interested in such a project.

    We are looking forward to hear from you, also any questions, suggestions or advice!!

    Blessings to you all, (kremastie@yahoo.com)
    Jochen, Maya, Leela, Tau and Kyanjali (www.facebook.com/kremastie)

  2. It feels like a community of a myriad of lights all beginning to shine through the darkness casting beautiful specks of colorfully luminous hope. Keep on keeping on!

  3. We will be building an EcoVillage in Ontario, Canada. There is a one time fee.
    This fee to buy in will be between $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the number of people that commit to moving in.
    That money will go towards the purchase of the land, the building of the main lodge that will house the kitchens and dining facilities, temporary showers and bathroom facilities along with the power generation for the common facilities.
    You would be responsible for the cost of materials for your house. Labor would be by villagers.
    We all cooperate to help each other and the village will be successful.
    Within the village will ba a cashless society.
    We will grow cash crops than will afford all villagers with a decent living. Any needs or wants that the villagers can not make , the money from cash crops will allow us to buy from local towns.
    There will be between 3 to 6 acres of aquaponics systems under greenhouses.
    There will be abundant food for villagers an little or no charge.
    Being an eco village we will be building mostly highly efficient structures for out homes using natural materials. This will cost only the materials we have to buy. So, housing will be very inexpensive depending on the size you will need.
    You will need to buy your off-grid powering devices whether solar panels or wind turbines.
    Due to the land usage to maintain the village through cash crops and to maintain security, the main lodge will be the center with houses circling the lodge. The number of homes will determine the number of circles extending outward.
    There will be security fencing around the village to ensure predators will not enter our living area.
    We plan 20 acreas deducated to industrial hemp production.
    There will be a playground within the secured perimeter for children to enjoy.
    All villagers are responsible for their own food for the first 4 months until the maturity on our aquaponics crops.
    If interested please go to the Facebook where you will find massive amounts of information on a diverse number of topics all dealing with EcoVillages and survival, recipies…. The list goes on and on.
    Below you will find the link to that group


    Request and I will let you in

    Namaste !


  4. Hi off-grid kin and peppers I’m currently on the southern Oregon and northern California border living in some of the most beautiful wilderness, I’ve been living off-grid for 3 years I have various training and skills I receive a government check every month for the rest of my life and each year my pay increases. looking to meet like minded people who prefer to enjoy nature rather than most people’s ideological idea of living in society. If your interested in know more and gain knowledge how to survive feel free to message me at vector.survivalist@gmail.com and for all those already living off-grid,” Good on ya”

  5. Greetings all, I am Currently seeking a group of friends or Community to join, If you already have land to work with. I am a Honest and kind soul Devoting my life to being self sustainable. I wish to remove all dependency on paper money. I wish to live a life filled with Love and peace. Ready to work and commit 110% to making this a reality today! Full of positive energy and love for my fellow souls I have set out on my path. Spent the last few years researching offgrid living and have knowledge on the subject, as well as a great deal of common sense and Logic. I have a “little” experience in a great many different subjects. A Mr fixit, I believe i can fix anything. Looking for ppl like myself that are at peace with living free from slavery . Not a vegan, hunting should be a option for nutrition. Water source is a must, Stream nearby or hand well is fine. I bring Solar power with me as i do enjoy having the ability use web to expand my knowledge. Im not a drug addict, but have no issues with others choices on the subject. I believe everyone in this group of friends should have something positive to contribute. I am not religious. I wish to avoid violence unless its in Self Defense. Everyone in group should value Honor and Honesty. This is just a short to the point msg. Please if you have a viable option available soon, contact me. I dont care if its a group starting at day 1 or something well established.

  6. Greetings, My husband and I are actively working towards a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Very important to us is independence from the current system. My father use to tell me that a job well planned is a job 1/2 done. In planning and preparation, we are in the stage of looking for property for purchase in Missouri 20-40 acres under $80k. We chose Missouri because it aligned best with our values and we were able to get good jobs here. Also, there is a healthy Amish and Mennonite community here. This is important to us for a variety of reasons, i.e., trade, labor etc. For success in unplugging from the system and living a healthy and meaningful life we decided to either join or start a community of like-minded people with similar values. Both my husband and I are Christ followers and have our degrees in psychology. We are relatively drama free and are easy to get along with – him more so than me :o). I attribute that to my 22+ years spent in the Navy.

    An example of a community style that is close to what we are looking for can be found here: https://sustainablog.org/2010/02/four-missouri-communities-demonstrate-sustainability/ – Red Earth Farms specifically.

    We will be starting a blog soon and will post the location here if anyone is interested. We have recently moved and completely downsized our standard of living in preparation for this major lifestyle change of unplugging. This was not as difficult as I imagined (hubby is still undecided) after following the minimalist blog of Joshua and Ryan. https://www.theminimalists.com

    Realizing the synergistic effect of a community along with other benefits, i.e., friendship, safety, learning new skill sets, etc., we would like to extend an offer to those who are interested in finding out more information about joining us on this adventure. Contact us at me.krause@yahoo.com.

    Let me know if you have questions as we would love to hear from you.

    Michelle & John

  7. Hi All, I am going to the wilderness to live off the land, build a cabin/tree house in the dense conifers, clear lakes and streams and live totally Off the Grid , I have all the gear, knowledge and experience. I will teach you if you do not. Email me soon 1outdoorsguy@mail.com

  8. hi I just signed up and looking for individuals to join me in buying land to live off the grid I am 67 years old on social security and have many skills that would be of use if interested message me at sinkerman47@yahoo.com and get started on a life of freedom and adventure

  9. Hello all, I am been living off-grid for 2 years now. Cabin and solar. Looking to corresponding with any other like minded people. Located in eastern Ontario.

  10. Hey, new member. Looking for an off-grid community to join at no cost. Maybe Room and Board work, or helping to build a community ground up. =D Anyone got some info?

  11. Hi everyone! My husband and I have been living off-grid together and in community for nearly 40 years. I started out by moving to a commune in the 70’s when I was 15 years old. We had kerosene lamps and candles and no power except the use of our own muscles with hand tools, no chainsaws and a couple of inventive machines like a bicycle powered washing machine. Our hot water was a pipe passed through the old wood cookstove. We have gotten more sophisticated over the years with wind and solar power, first just 12 volt and now we have a 48 volt 4.5 kilowatt solar system. It powers our well pump and our electric needs for the cabin. We have always had 40 acres parcels connected to larger parcels where we were able to wander and forage for wild foods and medicine so we did not rely on gardens so much but now we are on 6 acres with a nice sized garden. It feels very small but it is adequate and if you wanted to have chickens or other animals there is plenty of space. There is power into the property but we prefer not to have any bills that we can avoid. Obviously if you are on the internet you have that bill, if you drive you have auto insurance, if you use a phone you have that bill and then there are taxes. It is hard to be completely free of the system when you want to live a simple life without bills. In this economy we are having a difficult time selling our hand carved gemstone and bone jewelry online so even these small bills are monumental (with accent on the mental!) If you have a more secure income or are on a fixed income it would be a breeze.
    In sharing this I will let you know we are selling this place; six beautiful acres outside of Cave Junction Oregon, with a brand new 25 gallon per minute well 125 ft. down to a huge aquifer. The water is delicious, abundant and free. The garden and house/cabin area is fenced with cedar fencing to keep the critters out of the garden space but allows the wildlife to graze and pass peacefully through the rest of the property which is made up of second growth fir, old oaks, madrone, some cedar and pine. There is enough meadow and open space to expand the gardens, orchards etc. We have a livable cabin and an unfinished house, the solar system, all plumbing in to the garden and cabin. We are advertising on Craig’s list;
    There is much more information to read there and a direct way to contact us. Feel free to write with any questions or just to chat about off-grid life. Good luck to you all!

  12. I feel blessed to find other folks trying to attain their dreams on self-sufficiency. I think it is almost impossible to find land suitable to use that will not have Government controls and other obstacles. As “civilization” approaches you, they will demand you convert to their type of lifestyle. Seems land is available in some parts of South America for you to really be off-grid. We have some friends who moved there and hope to visit sometime. They have no hardware stores or Wally-Worlds to pickup needed supplies, so we try to mail them “care” packages monthly with stuff they are unable to get. Takes a month to get there and they only go into their small town once a month for minimal supplies, so it may take 2 months before they get their box. They tell us such interesting stories too. There are so many videos and How-To’s on the Internet that can help you with DIY projects. Start small and learn the fundamentals and then add on to your existing projects. We started out with two solar panels and two batteries. Got 20 of each now. Took 3 years to afford it though. Hope to add some supplemental wind power soon too. We joined a Preparedness/Survival Group and have learned so much from it’s members. Things our grandparents knew and did to survive. Times were much tougher in their day. Please stay focused and apply common sense rules to your daily routines. Keep the faith!

  13. I am young but I am so eager to learn.. the right way. I want to learn the flow of just living a simple, healthy, green life. I want what is better for the soil, air, & water, for people & animals alike, and also for myself as a being. Good vibes connect ~

  14. Hi, new to the site. Just bought 5 acres. Renovating the small house on it. Has a dam, 2 large tanks, no town water. Wanting to go to solar hot water. Have a wood stove heater with cook top. My confusion is not being able to understand solar power. Some say be connected to the grid but I cannot see how that is any different to what I am doing now, I will still be paying excessive fees each month for the privelage. I do not have any understanding of setting up solar myself so if anyone knows of any reputable companies who will set them up to live OFF grid please let me know (closest town is Ballarat Vic Aus). If anyone knows of sites suited to dummies like me that solar can be explained in a simplistic manner would love to hear about them. It’s all very overwhelming but not prepared to give up just yet. I have the peace n quiet, beautiful nature, dirt roads, now all I need is to get away from the corporate giants. :)

  15. I’m so glad to be here just found you all. It feels so good to hear and feel the same energy I’ve been looking for. I’m really looking forward to working with some great souls and create our beautiful, peaceful and wonderful environment. Thanks! N

  16. looking for off-grid land , have solar will travel, lol, thompson -okanagan…rossland osooyos kamloops …possible partners to go in on timbered land towards northern central BC(buisness potential…)I have 100 k for land and 50 k for start up…ar.k(at)live.ca

  17. looking for off-grid land , have solar will travel, lol, thompson -okanagan…rossland osooyos kamloops …possible partners to go in on timbered land towards northern central BC(buisness potential…)I have 100 k for land and 50 k for start up…

  18. I’m 19 male from the US, I’m athletic I’m a rock climber and a swimmer at the time I’m a life guard I don’t how long until I get laid off my job has been letting a lot of people go and I feel I might be next, I really want to be a part of a community like this I’ve always wanted too I can really be a big help with anything so if anyone decides to form a community or anything and are looking for members I’m available.. acolantuono94@gmail.com

  19. Hello. I am new here. Hope I can find a way to leave behind the way I have been existing and live what is left of my life feeling it has been very worthwhile.

  20. hiii (:
    I’m looking into joining an off-grid community, during this summer or sometime in the next couple of years.
    I would want to create my own, but I wouldn’t know where to start and don’t have any money. haha. I have always dreamed of being in a sustainable, eco-friendly community.
    so if anyone wants another member feel free to message me!

  21. Hey All!
    Looking for hardworking, non drug using folks and families to join me on my 40 acres in northwest wisconsin. i live tipi life right now with my two kids and run a small tipi retreat biz, so there would be potential for a small income. Focus here is hunter/gatherer low tech agriculture lifestyle, which may be too primitive for some! if interested check out website or email!

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