Magniwork scammers unmasked

Dobreski or is it Vrcakovski?
Dobreski or is it Vrcakovski?

Off-Grid.Net readers have finally helped us unmask the culprits behind the  Magniwork magnetic generator scam.

The fraudsters have been swindling gullible buyers with a $50 DIY guide to building a magnetic power generator which claims to produce free energy. Physicists and energy experts have dismissed the product as nonsense.

The brains behind the operation is a shady East European scientist and entrepreneur known as Igor Dobreski. His main accomplice and web-master is a slightly more engaging but still dishonest character called Vojdan Vrcakovski. But their accomplice, the third, the most powerful and most surprising member of this criminal troika turns out to be the internet itself. How so, you might ask?

Dobreski and Vrcakovski, started selling their ‘guide’ over the internet in Spring this year from their web-site at Magniwork.com. Describing their device as a “perpetual motion machine”, they claim that: “Using our easy-to-follow guide,you will be able create a Magnetic Power Generator which creates absolutely free energy.”

And as if that wasn’t enough they go on to boast that the device “will be able to solve the energy crisis.”51tfpxk21ml-_sl160_-3927575
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Off-Grid asked them to explain their product and justify themselves but neither responded to our e mails. However their web page modestly refers to the device as “a perpetual motion machine.” They go on to promise that “you can eliminate your power bill by50% or even completely, depending on how you implement the Magniwork generator.”

At this point most sensible people would think “yeah right” and forget about it. But Dobreski and Vrcakovski supported their case with an extensive keyword advertising campaign, and a network of blogs, web-sites and reviews, endorsing the product.

Anyone checking out the dubious sounding claims would find dozens of apparently independent web-sites such as such as DIYEnergy.Best-Products-Reviews.com. stating that the product works.

Magniwork’s ad campaign was widely distributed via Google Adwords on energy-related sites. The upshot was that several perfectly innocent and respectable site–owners appeared to endorse the product by the presence of its ads on their pages. “We generated 7 sales in about 2-3 days, before we were informed about their dubious nature,” says exasperated energy expert Stirling Allan of pureenergysystems.com.

He complained to Google in August and within days Google pulled the Magniwork campaign. “We blocked the URL from advertising because it breached our rules,” a Google spokesman told Off-Grid.net last friday.

But the internet  has a life of its own when it comes to spreading ideas and it doesn’t care whether they are funny, fascinating or fraudulent. Just before Google started blocking the Magniworks ad campaign, blogs and apparently independent reviews appeared on sites with names like energyforpenneisaday, magnetsforenergy, payitforth, freepowerblueprint and dozens of others.

It is impossible to trace the owners of many of these sites because they are careful to conceal their identities. But Off-Grid  suspects that some of them are the work of Messrs Dobreski and Vrcakovski and their associates.

More worrying however was the rash of ‘second order’ scammers or affiliates who soon emerged. While not directly involved in the initial scam, (perhaps even victims of it at first) they made opportunist links from their own web sites to Magniwork.

David Venaleck who we reported on recently, was one such ‘partner’. He linked several relatively balanced articles about the magnetic generator with a site he owns called magnetsforrenergy which simply connects to Magniwork where all the misleading claims are made.

The motive of Venaleck and others is of course money. It is common practise for affiliates to receive commissions of up to fifteen per cent on goods sold through their sites. Venaleck claims to have sold hundreds of the guides.

That is how the internet is a party to the Magniwork scam. First, ads from Google and rivals Yahoo and MSN can turn up anywhere.  More significantly, its speed and ubiquity enable completely unrelated but unscrupulous operators to jump aboard the passing gravy train, irrespective of whether or not it is carrying bone fide goods.

To make matters worse the internet allows scammers to post misleading messages on other sites and if they are discovered, modify their claims or register new sites within hours.

Google admits it is powerless to take further action. “Ads for the same product under other names can slip through our net because although our algorithms are clever, they don’t understand context,” said a Google spokesman.

He claimed that it would not be moral or legal for Google to try to stop the sale of the Magniworks device or any other product. “We are only a reflection of the web, not its policeman. We aren’t experts in everything. We cant stop people setting up web sites, we don’t have and shouldn’t have that power.”

The moral of this story: never trust a network, no matter how benevolent it seems.

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  1. Hello everyone, please look up SEG Magnet motor { or } the one from Pakistan – India is one uses magnets to rotate a generator,,, just watch the cogging effect,, once pass that it runs good & you can redesign it to be smaller or bigger & all different shapes.
    From Francis Morin,, My email is frankmorin2019@outlook.com
    My ? is how do you take capacitors bank fully charged & only let out what energy that you need,, &
    how big can I go to like the power coming into the home,, that way I can copy one for the work shop..
    From Francis Morin,, My email is frankmorin2019@outlook.com

  2. I am trying to create alight box, abox covered with really bright diode. It runs on 9volts, nothing great but this box can light a full room up. It run’s on a magnet generator and the magnets I am using are over 5 years old and still as strong as the day I bought them. I am wondering how long I can keep it running for but first I have to make it. I was hoping someone might be able to tell me how much something like this might be worth, if it work. Could someone point me in the right direction?

  3. Por primera vez, un circuito cerrado hidráulico consigue multiplicar la energía que gasta (de su propia producción) https://centralenergia.blogspot.com.es/ es la esperanza de la humanidad en el Mundo, la M-EHX22: https://youtu.be/6Kv5q0Z8ENQ

    Comenzar por sólo cargar baterías de coches eléctricos contribuyendo a limpiar la Atmósfera, podría ser el punto de inflexión para continuar con las siguientes etapas hasta su implantación total. https://hitoenenergia.blogspot.com.es/?view=classic

  4. I’ve been looking everywhere for someone who is not an affiliate who has actually tried this thing and can comment. There is also remarkably little on YouTube that is convincing, and the few videos that are there have relatively few views and no comments – also very unusual. If it is a scam, why hasn’t it been shut down? There are a number of similar free energy products being sold through ClickBank. Are the all scams? Earth4Energy is mentioned above. This is an online guide for making homemade solar panels. Scam or perhaps just false claims as to how much it costs and how much one can save? I like this website and am a big fan of off-grid living and DIY anything. It would be great to have more info on this. Thanks!

  5. The free energy that provides the MAQUINA-EHX22, will cause that it changes the human well-being in all the planet. Their hydraulic system by cyclical transformations of volumes in rotation, k/pcm2 allows to push more than 300 mlls/kg just by to inject 2.4% by vol. and cycle of push race. To produce a GWh occupies 3,000 m2. Its excellence is based on to have devised the system to take advantage of the hydraulic force the explosion of a closed body.


  6. Just want you guy’s to know that My Father purchased this and did not recieve it…. THey did not respond to e-mails so he decided to get a refund!!!

    Woodstock Ontario Canada

  7. Can you please explain to me the relationship between the magniwork and the news article out of Australia featuring the two gentleman that created a magnetic motor?

  8. A refund rate of 20% is almost unheard of high. I sell products myself, and my refund rate is zero. I am friends with many internet marketers, and the typical rates are all below 1%.

    A 20% refund rate is pretty much the highest rate possible, as most people are too bothered to refund stuff, heck 50% of people buying a product never even open it.

    As for the dude in the story. What you don’t know is that the guy in the story is famous in Macedonia. His father is a famous surgeon, and his brother is the best-selling rapper/rnb artist. Google for music videos from “vrcak”, its vrcakovski’s brother. A lot of his videos involve flaunting wealth and fancy cars. You can consider contacting macedonian media with this story, they might show interest.

  9. Just back from Clickbank where I analyzed Maginwork and found that it has a refund rate of about 20%. That is impressive for a scam product, don’t you think?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am just trying to make sure that you are right in your claims. I do not know whether what you say or what the owners of Magniwork say are true or not.

    I am curious.

  10. When I was small those days there was this contraption that was attached to bicycle wheels so that it turned as the bicycle moved and produced light with the headlamp. That device contained magnet; I thought that it was the same technology that was improved and called Magniwork.

    It is so funny all this talk about Magniwork when you seem to be promoting what you are criticizing. I clicked on the link from this site and low and behold there was a video of the product which is a Sky News report with pictures of the so called scammers being interviewed, so it is not only you and Google who are promoting Magniwork, even Sky news does too. And I promote it as an affiliate. I even plan to buy it. In short I do not know what to make of your report, could you please find people who have bought the product and found it wanting?

  11. It is so funny all this talk about Magniwork when you seem to be promoting what you are criticizing. I clicked on the link from this site and low and behold there was a video of the product which is a Sky News report with pictures of the so called scammers being interviewed, so it is not only you and Google who are promoting Magniwork, even Sky news does too. And I promote it as an affiliate. I even plan to buy it. In short I do not know what to make of your report, could you please find people who have bought the product and found it wanting?

  12. LOL funny, you post the articles about the fraud but yet the advert and link shows up right on the page from google ads.

    Too funny, I can read about the fraud and click the google ad and buy it all on the same page, lol.

  13. Off-grid,
    Great work. I covered the Magniwork scam back in July and am now the number 1 Google hit on the topic “magniwork”.

    I’m glad to see you uncovered the names of the perps! I hope that my work and yours have saved innocent (though gullible) individuals their hard earned money!

  14. HAve a look at another story on the home page – “Don’t believe the hype” is about the problem of Google ads – we try to get rid of the,mm,and we have complained to Google, but the scammers just keep coming back under other names. We would have to police the site 20 hours a day to get rid of themand we do not have the resources. If you have time, please could you send us the details whenever we get a new ad, and we will use Google’s control panel to ban them?
    This applies to Magniwork, as well as Earth4Energy, another well known bunch of scammers.

  15. you post about a scammer that sells power for nothing, and even list the website and name. and when i look to the right in the side bars of you website low,and behold the same scammers you talk about why dont you first get them off you website, this was throught google also that you said was pulling there ads….there called Magniwork and when i clicked on the url from your website it took me there….

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