Magniwork Energy internet scam

Sterling D Allan
Stirling D Allan: “This is Fraud”
Internet fraudsters are raking in  thousands of dollars a day with an elaborate scam selling magnetic perpetual motion machines that are claimed to produce infinite free energy.

Since spring this year an operation called Magniwork has been selling a $50 DIY guide to building a perpetual motion device at home. On their web-site the fraudsters claim the materials are available in any local hardware store for less than $100. One estimate puts sales of the guide as high as 5,000 copies a month, making the scam worth up to $3m a year.

The claims for Magniwork are advanced via an extensive Google advertising campaign, and a network of blogs, web-sites and reviews endorsing the product. They are given further credibility by a clip of film from Sky News Australia about plans for a similar product made by a legitimate if optimistic research company called Lutec. Lutec patented its technology in 19 countries in 1999, but the product has still not seen the light of day.   Off-Grid has discovered that the clip is over 8 years old.

Perpetual motion machine

Magniwork which describes its product as ‘a magnetic power generator’ claims to have invented a revolutionary off-grid power source that uses magnets to “power itself and create energy by itself, without requiring solar energy, heat, water, coal or any kind of resource.”  The web-site promises the device will generate perpetual energy which will “fully power your home for free.”

However even the idea of such a device is dismissed by trained physicists. “The little explanation they give on their website makes no sense to me,” said Gunnar Pruessner, a lecturer in physics at Imperial College London. “For starters it breaks with all we know about quantum physics since Dirac, which says that we cannot tap into zero point fluctuations or virtual particles.”                                       

Priceless IP

He observed that if the claims were true, they would mark the biggest advance in science ever. “It would bring a world-wide socio-economic revolution with incalculable political consequences. So you have to ask why are they scuzzing around selling their priceless IP (intellectual property) for a few dollars?”             

Made in Macedonia

The site gives no way of contacting Magniwork -other than to order the guide. But its legal disclaimer reveals that despite the .com web address which suggests a US-based company, Magniwork is in fact located in Macedonia, a tiny republic on the northern border of Greece in Europe. “This Agreement shall all be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Macedonia applicable to agreements made and to be performed in Macedonia,” it reads.                                  It has similarly proved difficult to identify the individuals behind the scheme. But one researcher claims to have written to the site’s web-master who referred in his reply to a man simply called “Igor”, the manual’s publisher.

Kernel of truth

Angry customers admit  that the guide does contain kernels of truth. “Some of the suggestions in the e-book can reduce your home power consumption. For example, checking for air leaks, have better home insulation, servicing your air-conditioning unit or heate etc,”wrote one.  But is it essentially amateurish and misleading, they say. “The whole “document” is 57 pages long and looks like something a kid in high school put together.  The final “generator” is basically a magnet that is 2″ high sitting on a turntable that is 4″ high! They claim that its output is 24.5 Watts!  That is 1/100th of what my house uses when the AC is on. It wouldn’t put out enough power to light up  a standard light bulb,“ wrote another angry blogger.                                                                                      Fraudulent

Alternative energy expert Sterling D. Allan founder of The New Energy Congress  has examined Magniwork’s claims. “Most of the 50+ page manual contains energy conservation tips that are based on well-established principles,” he said. But he points out that plans for the device are freely available elsewhere, they are based on other people’s work and he claims to have tried to contact people offering testimonials, without success.  “The wording on their site still gives the reader the idea that the plans will result in a working free energy device but that is not the case. Such representation is  fraud,” he concluded.

Although highly implausible, the idea of somehow harvesting magnetic power has intrigued scientists for over a century. It was first suggested by pioneering physicist Nicola Tesla in the nineteenth century. Australian company Lutec is still trying to perfect such a device. And U.S based based Magnetic Power Inc, headed by Mark Goldes, has claimed to be on the verge of launching a ‘Magnetic Power Module’ for at least six years. There is no suggestion that either Lutec or MPI are part of the scam.

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  1. Looks like this article is trying to blind the already blind people to keep using the “Grid”. I think anyone who is serious about getting off the grid can harness this to it’s full potential. It’s just that you poeple think you need TV, Computer, Dish Washer, etc to power. but how about just lighting a light, or running an electric heater, for those applications it works great. so ()*& you

  2. John bedini is well known for his work on these motors. He even sells full kits. Many others have built these generators in various forms over the years. Power companies will stop at nothing to suppress these. There favorite tool is disinformation. http://www.r-charge.com

  3. Using one of my advance Google self-edited hacking codes, I was able to download the whole plans available on http://www.fuellesspower.com which cost $300 free of charge.
    Look people, you do not have to rule out free energy because some people are giving a nagetive review about it. This life we are is imperfect. God created all things but he gives no user manual to many of them. The Leaves are example of this. If you Europeans are talking like this, then I wonder how a fellow African will reason if he/she was told that there is Free Energy.
    I for one do not follow the crowed because amidst them, you will always find KILLERS, The Diabolic Elites, The Direct Devil Servernts who are happy seeing the “lower class” like me and you suffering. They manipulate truth. They kill any invention that opposes their GREEDY BUSINESSES. They are truth Manipulators.
    I am yet to start buying the components listed in the plans for the SP-500 Fuelless generator I downloaded from fuelless power website. BUT I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT WHEN I FINALLY DEVELOP MY OWN GEN, IT WILL WORK. You know why, all things we humans need have been created. It is only left for us to use our power of reasoning to utilize each one of them. And Finally, there is no mineral in the ground under your feet that is not in your body be it in trace or Major.
    Though God created all Mineral resources for we humans free of charge, he gives no user manual about there applications.

  4. Think about it, if a compass could pick the earths magnet field up????? Energy is all around us, you just have to know how to grab it, the hendershot device gives a good advice on this, that’s all I could say. Use your brains, the people on the other side don’t want you to figure it out, don’t listen to the negitive feed backs, they probely work for the elec king pins, go with your gutt felling, because something is telling you it’s right, tesla said he could make free energy all day, the same energy they are charging you for. Use your brains.

  5. DanaDean,
    The patent office does NOT test an invention to see if it works. With the large number of applications, it would be impossible not to mention expensive. It works this way – you send the paperwork and your money. It if is not already a patent – you get one. Period.

  6. If free energy magnetic machines don’t exist, explain this….

    United States Patent 4,151,431
    Johnson April 24, 1979
    **Please see images for: ( Certificate of Correction ) **
    Permanent magnet motor

    The invention is directed to the method of utilizing the unpaired electron spins in ferro magnetic and other materials as a source of magnetic fields for producing power without any electron flow as occurs in normal conductors, and to permanent magnet motors for utilizing this method to produce a power source. In the practice of the invention the unpaired electron spins occurring within permanent magnets are utilized to produce a motive power source solely through the superconducting characteristics of a permanent magnet and the magnetic flux created by the magnets are controlled and concentrated to orient the magnetic forces generated in such a manner to do useful continuous work, such as the displacement of a rotor with respect to a stator. The timing and orientation of magnetic forces at the rotor and stator components produced by permanent magnets to produce a motor is accomplished with the proper geometrical relationship of these components.

    Inventors: Johnson; Howard R. (Grass Lake, MI)
    Family ID: 23674278
    Appl. No.: 05/422,306
    Filed: December 6, 1973
    Current U.S. Class: 310/12.24 ; 310/12.07; 310/152; 415/10; 415/916; 416/3; 505/877
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    Current CPC Class: H02K 53/00 (20130101)
    Field of Search: 24/DIG.9 415/DIG.2 46/236 273/118A,119A,12A,121A,122A,123A,124,125A,126A,13A,131A,131AD
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    U.S. Patent Documents
    4074153 February 1978 Baker et al.
    Primary Examiner: Duggan; Donovan F.
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    I claim:

    1. A permanent magnet motor comprising, in combination, a stator track defining a track direction and having first and second sides and composed of a plurality of track permanent magnets each having first and second poles of opposite polarity, said magnets being disposed in side-by-side relationship having a spacing between adjacent magnets and like poles defining said track sides, an elongated armature permanent magnet located on one of said track sides for relative movement thereto and in spaced relationship to said track side wherein an air gap exists between said armature magnet and said track magnets, said armature magnet having first and second poles of opposite polarity located at the opposite ends of said armature magnet defining the length thereof, the length of said armature magnet being disposed in a direction in general alignment with the direction of said track, the spacing of said armature magnet poles from said track associated side and the length of said armature magnet as related to the width and spacing of said track magnets in the direction of said track being such as to impose a continuous force on said armature magnet in said general direction of said track.

    2. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 1 wherein the spacing between said poles of said armature magnet and the adjacent stator track side are substantially equal.

    3. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 1 wherein the spacing between adjacent track magnets varies.

    4. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 1 wherein a plurality of armature magnets are disposed on a common side of said stator track, said armature magnets being mechanically interconnected.

    5. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 4 wherein said armature magnets are staggered with respect to each other in the direction of said track.

    6. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 1 wherein magnetic field concentrating means are associated with said track magnets.

    7. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 6 wherein said field concentrating means comprises a sheet of magnetic material of high magnetic field permeability engaging side and pole of said track magnets opposite to that side and pole disposed toward said armature magnet.

    8. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 1 wherein said armature magnet is of an arcuate configuration in its longitudinal direction bowed toward said track, said said armature magnet having ends shaped to concentrate the magnetic field at said ends.

    9. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 1 wherein said stator track is of a generally linear configuration, and means supporting said armature magnet relative to said track for generally linear movement of said armature magnet.

    10. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 1 wherein said stator track magnets define a circle having an axis, an armature rotatably mounted with respect to said track and concentric and coaxial thereto, said armature magnet being mounted upon said armature.

    11. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 10, means axially adjusting said armature relative to said track whereby the axial relationship of said armature magnet and said stator magnets may be varied to adjust the rate of rotation of said armature.

    12. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 10 wherein a plurality of armature magnets are mounted on said armature.

    13. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 12 wherein said armature magnets are circumferentially nonuniformily spaced on said armature.

    14. A permanent magnet motor comprising, in combination, a stator comprising a plurality of circumferentially spaced stator permanent magnets having poles of opposite polarity, said magnets being arranged to substantially define a circle having an axis, the poles of said magnets facing in a radial direction with respect to said axis and poles of the same polarity facing away from said axis and the poles of opposite polarity facing toward said axis, an armature mounted for rotation about said axis and diposed adjacent said stator, at least one armature permanent magnet having poles of opposite polarity mounted on said armature and in radial spaced relationship to said circle of stator magnets, said armature magnet poles extending in the circumferential direction of armature rotation, the spacing of said armature magnet poles from said stator magnets and the circumferential length of said armature magnet and the spacing of said stator magnets being such as to impose a continuing circumferential force on said armature magnet to rotate said armature.

    15. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 14 wherein a plurality of armature magnets are mounted upon said armature.

    16. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 14 wherein said armature magnets are asymmetrically circumferentially spaced on said armature.

    17. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 14 wherein the poles of said armature magnet are shaped to concentrate the magnetic field thereof.

    18. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 14, magnetic field concentrating means associated with said stator magnets concentrating the magnetic fields thereof at the spacings between adjacent stator magnets.

    19. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 18 wherein said magnet field concentrating means comprises an annular ring of high magnetic field permeability material concentric with said axis and in substantial engagement with poles of like polarity of said stator magnets.

    20. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 14 wherein said armature magnet is of an arcuate bowed configuration in the direction of said poles thereof defining a concave side and a convex side, said concave side being disposed toward said axis, and said poles of said armature magnet being shaped to concentrate the magnetic field between said poles thereof.

    21. In a permanent magnet motor as in claim 14, means for axially displacing said stator and armature relative to each other to adjust the axial alignment of said stator and armature magnets.

    22. The method of producing a unidirectional motive force by permanent magnets using a plurality of spaced stator permanent magnets having opposite polarity poles defining a track having a predetermined direction, and an armature magnet having a length defined by poles of opposite polarity movably mounted for movement relative to the track in the direction thereof, and of a predetermined length determined by the width and dimensions of said stator magnets comprising forming a magnetic field track by said stator magnets having a magnetic field of common polarity interrupted at spaced locations in a direction transverse to the direction of said magnetic field track by magnetic fields created by magnetic lines of force existing between the poles of the stator magnets and positioning the armature magnet in spaced relation to said magnetic field track longitudinally related to the direction of the magnetic field track such a distance that the repulsion and attraction forces imposed on the armature magnet by said magnetic field track imposes a continuing unidirectional force on the armature magnet in the direction of the magnetic field track.

    23. The method of producing a unidirectional motive force as in claim 22 including concentrating the magnetic fields created by magnetic lines of force between the poles of the stator magnets.

    24. The method of producing a unidirectional motive force as in claim 22 including concentrating the magnetic field existing between the poles of the armature magnet.

    25. The method of producing a unidirectional motive force as in claim 22 including concentrating the magnetic fields created by magnetic lines of force between the poles of the stator magnets and concentrating the magnetic field existing between the poles of the armature magnet.

    26. The method of producing a motive force by permanent magnets wherein the unpaired electron spinning particles existing within a permanent magnet are utilized for producing a motive force comprising forming a stator magnetic field track by means of at least one permanent magnet, producing an armature magnetic field by means of a permament magnet and shaping and locating said magnetic fields in such a manner as to produce relative continuous unidirectional motion between said stator and armature field producing magnets.

    27. The method of producing a motive force by permanent magnets as in claim 26 wherein said stator magnetic field is substantially of a single polarity.

    28. The method of producing a motive force by permanent magnets as in claim 26 including concentrating the magnetic field of said stator field track and armature magnetic field.


    The invention pertains to the field of permanent magnet motor devices solely using the magnetic fields created thereby to product motive power.


    Conventional electric motors employ magnetic forces to produce either rotative or linear motion. Electric motors operate on the principle that when a conductor is located in a magnetic field which carries current a magnetic force is exerted upon it.

    Normally, in a conventional electric motor, the rotor, or stator, or both, are so wired that magnetic fields created by electromagnetics may employ attraction, repulsion, or both types of magnetic forces, to impose a force upon the armature to cause rotation, or to cause the armature to be displaced in a linear path. Conventional electric motors may employ permanent magnets either in the armature or stator components, but in the art heretofore known the use of permanent magnets in either the stator or armature require the creation of an electromagnetic field to act upon the field produced by the permanent magnets, and switching means are employed to control the energization of the electromagnets and the orientation of the magnetic fields, to produce the motive power.

    It is my belief that the full potential of magnetic forces existing in permanent magnets has not been recognized or utilized because of incomplete information and theory with respect to the atomic motion occurring within a permanent magnet. It is my belief that a presently unnamed atomic particle is associated with the electron movement of a superconducting electromagnet and the lossless current flow of Amperian currents in permanent magnets. The unpaired electron flow is similar in both situations. This small particle is believed to be opposite in charge and to be located at right angles to the moving electron, and the particle would be very small as to penetrate all known elements, in their various states as well as their known compounds, unless they have unpaired electrons which capture these particles as they endeavor to pass therethrough.

    Ferro electrons differ from those of most elements in that they are unpaired, and being unpaired they spin around the nucleus in such a way that they respond to magnetic fields as well as creating one themselves. If they were paired, their magnetic fields would cancel out. However, being unpaired they create a measurable magnetic field if their spins have been oriented in one direction. The spins are at right angles to their magnetic fields.

    In niobium superconductors at a critical state, the magnetic lines of force cease to be at right angles. This change must be due to establishing the required conditions for unpaired electronic spins instead of electron flow in the conductor, and the fact that very powerful electromagnets that can be formed with superconductors illustrates the tremendous advantage of producing the magnetic field by unpaired electron spins rather than conventional electron flow.

    In a superconducting metal, wherein the electrical resistance becomes greater in the metal than the proton resistance, the flow turns to electron spins and the positive particles flow parallel in the metal in the manner occurring in a permanent magnet where a powerful flow of magnetic positive particles or magnetic flux causes the unpaired electrons to spin at right angles. Under cryogenic superconduction conditions the freezing of the crystals in place makes it possible for the spins to continue, and in a permanent magnet the grain orientation of the magnetized material results in the spins permitting them to continue and for the flux to flow parallel to the metal.

    In a superconductor, at first the electron is flowing and the positive particle is spinning; later, when critical, the reverse occurs, i.e., the electron is spinning and the positive particle is flowing at right angles. These positive particles will thread or work their way through the electron spins present in the metal.

    In a sense, a permanent magnet may be considered the only room temperature superconductor. It is a superconductor because the electron flow does not cease, and this electron flow can be made to do work because of the magnetic field it supplies. Previously, this source of power has not been used because it was not possible to modify the electron flow to accomplish the switching functions of the magnetic field. Such switching functions are common in a conventional electric motor where electrical current is employed to align the much greater electron current in the iron pole pieces and concentrate the magnetic field at the proper places to give the thrust necessary to move the motor armature. In a conventional electric motor, switching is accomplished by the use of brushes, commutators, alternating current, or other known means.

    In order to accomplish the switching function in a permanent magnet motor, it is necessary to shield the magnetic leakage so that it will not appear as too great a loss factor at the wrong places. The best method to accomplish this is to use the superconductor of magnetic flux and concentrate it to the place where it will be the most effective. Timing and switching can be achieved in a permanent magnet motor by concentrating the flux and using the proper geometry of the motor rotor and stator to make most effective use of the magnetic fields generated by the electron spins. By the proper combination of materials, geometry and magnetic concentration, it is possible to achieve a mechanical advantage of high ratio, greater than 100 to 1, capable of producing a continuous motive force.

    To my knowledge, previous work done with permanent magnets, and motive devices utilizing permanent magnets, have not achieved the result desired in the practice of the inventive concept, and it is with the proper combination of materials, geometry and magnetic concentration that the presence of the magnetic spins within a permanent magnet may be utilized as a motive force.


    It is an object of the invention to utilize the magnetic spinning phenomenon of unpaired electrons occurring in ferro magnetic material to produce the movement of a mass in a unidirectional manner as to permit a motor to be driven solely by magnetic forces as occurring within permanent magnets. In the practice of the inventive concepts, motors of either linear or rotative types may be produced.

    It is an object of the invention to provide the proper combination of materials, geometry and magnetic concentration to utilize the force generated by unpaired electron spins existing in permanent magnets to power a motor. Whether the motor constitutes a linear embodiment, or a rotary embodiment, in each instance the “stator” may consist of a plurality of permanent magnets fixed relative to each other in space relationship to define a track, linear in form in the linear embodiment, and circular in form in the rotary embodiment. An armature magnet is located in spaced relationship to such track defined by the stator magnets wherein an air gap exists therebetween. The length of the armature magnet is defined by poles of opposite polarity, and the length of the armature magnet is disposed relative to the track defined by the stator magnets in the direction of the path of movement of the armature magnet as displaced by the magnetic forces.

    The stator magnets are so mounted that poles of like polarity are disposed toward the armature magnet and as the armature magnet has poles which are both attracted to and repelled by the adjacent pole of the stator magnets, both attraction and repulsion forces act upon the armature magnet to produce the relative displacement between the armature and stator magnets.

    The continuing motive force producing displacement between the armature and stator magnets results from the relationship of the length of the armature magnet in the direction of its path of movement as related to the dimension of the stator magnets, and the spacing therebetween, in the direction of the path of armature magnet movement. This ratio of magnet and magnet spacings, and with an acceptable air gap spacing between the stator and armature magnets, will produce a resultant force upon the armature magnet which displaces the armature magnet across the stator magnet along its path of movement.

    In the practice of the invention movement of the armature magnet relative to the stator magnets results from a combination of attraction and repulsion forces existing between the stator and armature magnets. By concentrating the magnetic fields of the stator and armature magnets the motive force imposed upon the armature magnet is intensified, and in the disclosed embodiments such magnetic field concentration means are disclosed.

    The disclosed magnetic field concentrating means comprise a plate of high magnetic field permeability disposed adjacent one side of the stator magnets in substantial engagement therewith. This high permeability material is thus disposed adjacent poles of like polarity of the stator magnets. The magnetic field of the armature magnet may be concentrated and directionally oriented by bowing the armature magnet, and the magnetic field may further be concentrated by shaping the pole ends of the armature magnet to concentrate the magnet field at a relatively limited surface at the armature magnet pole ends.

    Preferably, a plurality of armature magnets are used which are staggered with respect to each other in the direction of armature magnet movement. Such an offsetting or staggering of the armature magnets distributes the impulses of force imposed upon the armature magnets and results in a smoother application of forces to the armature magnet producing a smoother and more uniform movement of the armature component.

    In the rotary embodiment of the permanent magnet motor of the invention the stator magnets are arranged in a circle, and the armature magnets rotate about the stator magnets. Means are disclosed for producing relative axial displacement between the stator and armature magnets to adjust the axial alignment thereof, and thereby regulate the magnitude of the magnetic forces being imposed upon the armature magnets. In this manner the speed of rotation of the rotary embodiment may be regulated.


    The aforementioned objects and advantages of the invention will be appreciated from the following description and accompanying drawings wherein:

    FIG. 1 is a schematic view of electron flow in a superconductor indicating the unpaired electron spins,

    FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a superconductor under a critical state illustrating the electron spins,

    FIG. 3 is a view of a permanent magnet illustrating the flux movement therethrough,

    FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view illustrating the diameter of the magnet of FIG. 3,

    FIG. 5 is an elevational representation of a linear motor embodiment of the permanent magnet motor of the invention illustrating one position of the armature magnet relative to the stator magnets, and indicating the magnetic forces imposed upon the armature magnet,

    FIG. 6 is a view similar to FIG. 5 illustrating displacement of the armature magnet relative to the stator magnets, and the influence of magnetic forces thereon at this location,

    FIG. 7 is a further elevational view similar to FIGS. 5 and 6 illustrating further displacement of the armature magnet to the left, and the influence of the magnetic forces thereon,

    FIG. 8 is a top plan view of a linear embodiment of the inventive concept illustrating a pair of armature magnets in linked relationship disposed above the stator magnets,

    FIG. 9 is a diametrical, elevational, sectional view of a rotary motor embodiment in accord with the invention as taken along section IX–IX of FIG. 10, and

    FIG. 10 is an elevational view of the rotary motor embodiment as taken along section X–X of FIG. 9.


    In order to better understand the theory of the inventive concept, reference is made to FIGS. 1 through 4. In FIG. 1 a superconductor 1 is illustrated having a positive particle flow as represented by arrow 2, the unpaired electrons of the ferrous conducting material 1 spin at right angles to the proton flow in the conductor as represented by the spiral line and arrow 3. In accord with the theory of the invention the spinning of the ferrous unpaired electrons results from the atomic structure of ferrous materials and this spinning atomic particle is believed to be opposite in charge and located at right angles to the moving electrons. It is assumed to be very small in size capable of penetrating other elements and their compounds unless they have unpaired electrons which capture these particles as they endeavor to pass therethrough.

    The lack of electrical resistance of conductors at a critical superconductor state has long been recognized, and superconductors have been utilized to produce very high magnetic flux density electromagnets. FIG. 2 represents a cross section of a critical superconductor and the electron spins are indicated by the arrows 3.

    A permanent magnet may be considered a superconductor as the electron flow therein does not cease, and is without resistance, and unpaired electric spinning particles exist which, in the practice of the invention, are utilized to produce motor force. FIG. 3 illustrates a horseshoe shaped permanent magnet at 4 and the magnetic flux therethrough is indicated by arrows 5, the magnetic flow being from the south pole to the north pole and through the magnetic material. The accumulated electron spins occurring about the diameter of the magnet 5 are represented at 6 in FIG. 4, and the spinning electron particles spin at right angles in the iron as the flux travels through the magnet material.

    By utilizing the electron spinning theory of ferrous material electrons, it is possible with the proper ferromagnetic materials, geometry and magnetic concentration to utilize the spinning electrons to produce a motive force in a continuous direction, thereby resulting in a motor capable of doing work.

    It is appreciated that the embodiments of motors utilizing the concepts of the invention may take many forms, and in the illustrated forms the basic relationships of components are illustrated in order to disclose the inventive concepts and principles.

    The relationships of the plurality of magnets defining the stator 10 are best appreciated from FIGS. 5 through 8. The stator magnets 12 are preferably of a rectangular configuration, FIG. 8, and so magnetized that the poles exist at the large surfaces of the magnets, as will be appreciated from the N (North) and S (South) designations. The stator magnets include side edges 14 and 16 and end edges 18. The stator magnets are mounted upon a supporting plate 20, which is preferably of a metal material having a high permeability to magnetic fields and magnetic flux such as that available under the trademark Netic CoNetic sold by the Perfection Mica Company of Chicago, Illinois. Thus, the plate 20 will be disposed toward the south pole of the stator magnets 12, and preferably in direct engagement therewith, although a bonding material may be interposed between the magnets and the plate in order to accurately locate and fix the magnets on the plate, and position the stator magnets with respect to each other.

    Preferably, the spacing between the stator magnets 12 slightly differs between adjacent stator magnets as such a variation in spacing varies the forces being imposed upon the armature magnet at its ends, at any given time, and thus results in a smoother movement of the armature magnet relative to the stator magnets. Thus, the stator magnets so positioned relative to each other define a track 22 having a longitudinal direction left to right as viewed in FIGS. 5 through 8.

    In FIGS. 5 through 7 only a single armature magnet 24 is disclosed, while in FIG. 8 a pair of armature magnets are shown. For purposes of understanding the concepts of the invention the description herein will be limited to the use of single armature magnet as shown in FIGS. 5 through 7.

    The armature magnet is of an elongated configuration wherein the length extends from left to right, FIG. 5, and may be of a rectangular transverse cross-sectional shape. For magnetic field concentrating and orientation purposes the magnet 24 is formed in an arcuate bowed configuration as defined by concave surfaces 26 and convex surfaces 28, and the poles are defined at the ends of the magnet as will be appreciated from FIG. 5. For further magnetic field concentrating purposes the ends of the armature magnet are shaped by beveled surfaces 30 to minimize the cross-sectional area at the magnet ends at 32, and the magnetic flux existing between the poles of the armature magnet are as indicated by the light dotted lines. In like manner the magnetic fields of the stator magnets 12 are indicated by the light dotted lines.

    The armature magnet 24 is maintained in a spaced relationship above the stator track 22. This spacing may be accomplished by mounting the armature magnet upon a slide, guide or track located above the stator magnets, or the armature magnet could be mounted upon a wheeled vehicle carriage or slide supported upon a nonmagnetic surface or guideway disposed between the stator magnets and the armature magnet. To clarify the illustration, the means for supporting the armature magnet 24 is not illustrated and such means form no part of invention, and it is to be understood that the means supporting the armature magnet prevents the armature magnet from moving away from the stator magnets, or moving closer thereto, but permits free movement of the armature magnet to the left or right in a direction parallel to the track 22 defined by the stator magnets.

    It will be noted that the length of the armature magnet 24 is slightly greater than the width of two of the stator magnets 12 and the spacing therebetween. The magnetic forces acting upon the armature magnet when in the position of FIG. 5 will be repulsion forces 34 due to the proximity of like polarity forces and attraction forces at 36 because of the opposite polarity of the south pole of the armature magnet, and the north pole field of the sector magnets. The relative strength of this force is represented by the thickness of the force line.

    The resultant of the force vectors imposed upon the armature magnet as shown in FIG. 5 produce a primary force vector 38 toward the left, FIG. 5, displacing the armature magnet 24 toward the left. In FIG. 6 the magnetic forces acting upon the armature magnet are represented by the same reference numerals as in FIG. 5. While the forces 34 constitute repulsion forces tending to move the north pole of the armature magnet away from the stator magnets, the attraction forces imposed upon the south pole of the armature magnet and some of the repulsion forces, tend to move the armature magnet further to the left, and as the resultant force 38 continues to be toward the left the armature magnet continues to be forced to the left.

    FIG. 7 represents further displacement of the armature magnet 24 to the left with respect to the position of FIG. 6, and the magnetic forces acting thereon are represented by the same reference numerals as in FIGS. 5 and 6, and the stator magnet will continue to move to the left, and such movement continues the length of the track 22 defined by the stator magnets 12.

    Upon the armature magnet being reversed such that the north pole is positioned at the right as viewed in FIG. 5, and the south pole is positioned at the left, the direction of movement of the armature magnet relative to the stator magnets is toward the right, and the theory of movement is identical to that described above.

    In FIG. 8 a plurality of armature magnets 40 and 42 are illustrated which are connected by links 44. The armature magnets are of a shape and configuration identical to that of the embodiment of FIG. 5, but the magnets are staggered with respect to each other in the direction of magnet movement, i.e., the direction of the track 22 defined by the stator magnets 12. By so staggering a plurality of armature magnets a smoother movement of the interconnected armature magnets is produced as compared when using a single armature magnet as there is variation in the forces acting upon each armature magnet as it moves above the track 22 due to the change in magnetic forces imposed thereon. The use of several armature magnets tends to “smooth out” the application of forces imposed upon linked armature magnets, resulting in a smoother movement of the armature magnet assembly. Of course, any number of armature magnets may be interconnected, limited only by the width of the stator magnet track 22.

    In FIGS. 9 and 10 a rotary embodiment embracing the inventive concepts is illustrated. In this embodiment the principle of operation is identical to that described above, but the orientation of the stator and armature magnets is such that rotation of the armature magnets is produced about an axis, rather than a linear movement being achieved.

    In FIGS. 9 and 10 a base is represented at 46 serving as a support for a stator member 48. The stator member 48 is made of a nonmagnetic material, such as synthetic plastic, aluminum, or the like. The stator includes a cylindrical surface 50 having an axis, and a threaded bore 52 is concentrically defined in the stator. The stator includes an annular groove 54 receiving an annular sleeve 56 of high magnetic field permeability material such as Netic Co-Netic and a plurality of stator magnets 58 are affixed upon the sleeve 56 in spaced circumferential relationship as will be apparent in FIG. 10. Preferably, the stator magnets 58 are formed with converging radial sides as to be of a wedge configuration having a curved inner surface engaging sleeve 56, and a convex outer pole surface 60.

    The armature 62, in the illustrated embodiment, is of a dished configuration having a radial web portion, and an axially extending portion 64. The armature 62 is formed of a nonmagnetic material, and an annular belt receiving groove 66 is defined therein for receiving a belt for transmitting power from the armature to a generator, or other power consuming device. Three armature magnets 68 are mounted on the armature portion 64, and such magnets are of a configuration similar to the armature magnet configuration of FIGS. 5 through 7. The magnets 68 are staggered with respect to each other in a circumferential direction wherein the magnets are not disposed as 120.degree. circumferential relationships to each other. Rather, a slight angular staggering of the armature magnets is desirable to “smooth out” the magnetic forces being imposed upon the armature as a result of the magnetic forces being simultaneously imposed upon each of the armature magnets. The staggering of the armature magnets 68 in a circumferential direction produces the same effect as the staggering of the armature magnets 40 and 42 as shown in FIG. 8.

    The armature 62 is mounted upon a threaded shaft 70 by antifriction bearings 72, and the shaft 70 is threaded into the stator threaded bore 52, and may be rotated by the knob 74. In this manner rotation of the knob 74, and shaft 70, axially displaces the armature 62 with respect to the stator magnets 58, and such axial displacement will very the magnitude of the magnetic forces imposed upon the armature magnets 68 by the stator magnets thereby controlling the speed of rotation of the armature.

    As will be noted from FIGS. 4-7 and 9 and 10, an air gap exists between the armature magnet or magnets and the stator magnets and the dimension of this spacing, effects the magnitude of the forces imposed upon the armature magnet or magnets. If the distance between the armature magents, and the stator magnets is reduced the forces imposed upon the armature magnets by the stator magnets are increased, and the resultant force vector tending to displace the armature magnets in their path of movement increases. However, the decreasing of the spacing between the armature and stator magnets creates a “pulsation” in the movement of the armature magnets which is objectionable, but can be, to some extent, minimized by using a plurality of armature magnets. The increasing of the distance between the armature and stator magnets reduces the pulsation tendency of the armature magnet, but also reduces the magnitude of the magnetic forces imposed upon the armature magnets. Thus, the most effective spacing between the armature magnets. Thus, the most effective spacing between the armature and stator magnets is that spacing which produces the maximum force vector in the direction of armature magnet movement, with a minimum creation of objectionable pulsation.

    In the disclosed embodiments the high permeability plate 20 and sleeve 56 are disclosed for concentrating the magnetic field of the stator magnets, and the armature magnets are bowed and have shaped ends for magnetic field concentration purposes. While such magnetic field concentration means result in higher forces imposed upon the armature magnets for given magnet intensities, it is not intended that the inventive concepts be limited to the use of such magnetic field concentrating means.

    As will be appreciated from the above description of the invention, the movement of the armature magnet or magnets resultsfrom the described relationship of components. The length of the armature magnets as related to the width of the stator magnets and spacing therebetween, the dimension of the air gap and the configuration of the magnetic field, combined, produce the desired result and motion. The inventive concepts may be practiced even though these relationships may be varied within limits not yet defined and the invention is intended to encompass all dimensional relationships which achieve the desired goal of armature movement. By way of example, with respect to FIGS. 4-7, the following dimensions were used in an operating prototype:

    The length of armature magnet 24 is 31/8″, the stator magnets 12 are 1″ wide, 1/4″ thick and 4″ long and grain oriented. The air gap between the poles of the armature magnet and the stator magnets is approximately 11/2″ and the spacing between the stator magnets is approximately 1/2″ inch.

    In effect, the stator magnets define a magnetic field track of a single polarity transversely interrupted at spaced locations by the magnetic fields produced by the lines of force existing between the poles of the stator magnets and the unidirectional force exerted on the armature magnet is a result of the repulsion and attraction forces existing as the armature magnet traverses this magnetic field track.

    It is to be understood that the inventive concept embraces an arrangement wherein the armature magnet component is stationary and the stator assembly is supported for movement and constitutes the moving component, and other variations of the inventive concept will be apparent to those skilled in the art without departing from the scope thereof. As used herein the term “track” is intended to include both linear and circular arrangements of the static magnets, and the “direction” or “length” of the track is that direction parallel or concentric to the intended direction of armature magnet movement.

    Appears on us patent office website, us patent #4151431…… So now what…??

  7. Though MagniWork and such “free energy” generators are scams, the physicist Gunnar Pruessner may be incorrect when he stated that “we cannot tap into zero point fluctuations or virtual particles”.

    Dr. Robert Forward, a well-respected physicist in the U.S., published “Extracting electrical energy from the vacuum by cohesion of charged foliated conductors” back in 1984.

    Whether it could actually work or not, I know of at least a couple of “free energy” devices that do work: Power accumulator based upon the crystal radio principle and atmospheric static power generation.

  8. Yes, MagniWork is a scam. I ‘acquired’ their “guide” from the internet. I don’t feel bad about not paying for it as I already had a more complete version of the information, which contains about 250 pages, detailing many devices, each with drawings.

    For those who are interested, the device is known as a Mini-ROMag generator (there is a larger version too!). As far as I can tell, it is utilising the principles of vortex energy to resonate with a local gravitational field. It does NOT generate electricity.

    Happy hunting :)

  9. Magniwork and Fuelless are scams. There are many of us using actual science to help the planet, but it’s not an easy process. Over 20 years of daily work on promising devices. I have only seen overunity twice in that period of time. 136 percent measurement was the best I have seen. It did not violate the second law of thermodynamics (Entropy) because of more than one input source. But these machines would be the size of a car, and would cost about as much to build in order to power a normal size house. Solar, wind and water power are still the only sure thing. Photovoltaics are less than 1 dollar per watt as of this message, so there is no longer a reason to not use it.

  10. Good news, I have just invented a car with not engine that runs about 20 mpg. I just completed a 1.5 mile run with the car. I only have one problem that I am working on now and that is getting it to run the 1.5 miles back up the hill.
    If you finished high school you would remember the class on thermodynamics? Its simple physics, you can not creat something from nothing as we have what is called friction (look it up).

  11. I believe I met the clowns that are offerring this manual about 8 years ago. I was contacted by a guy in a wheel chair and a Russian who were very convincing about a perpetual magnetic generator. The reason they contacted me was to put together a group of investors to finance their project. I met them at the wheel chairs Apt. once I saw the condition of the Apt. and heard the half ass presentation from the Russian I knew3 it waqs a dead end.

  12. Cheers for the stellar articles. I wish much more web sites
    like this could be discovered in the big g. All I am coming across lately is lousy youtube movies
    and exceptionally few informative articles and websites.
    Looks like the big g is all about the bucks now; such a waste.

  13. any device which would threaten the global economy which is reliant on oil would be rubbished and disappear before it ever got publicly released. energy companies would not want to use it as who would pay for something they can get free??? not rocket science is it.

  14. HI, in that world of illusions, what Forces keeping Extraterrestrials to appear in everyday life, are that same for so called free energy devices, to work in public….be patient, for one day of Truth….

  15. Magniwork IS a scam – hope this is clear for the reader above.

    But so are about 40 other consumer energy solutions – too many to list here. The best way o find the lists are to Google “energy scams’ – the power factor scam directory in the #1 result – Google “free energy scams” – “renewable energy scams” for their directories.

    The one that is most up setting is called Power4Patriots (a copy of Power4Home) where there is enough truth for them to avoid litigation – although everything they offer is freely available on the Internet.


    Please, please do not give your money to these scams!

  16. Paid $58.80 for this ebook but was unable to download/print – unable to contact this website (my emails to the only contact that I can see are being returned as failed to deliver). Any suggestions as to how I am able to obtain a refund (payment was made through Safecart)?

  17. Here’s a link you may find interesting: https://freeenergynews.com/Directory/Howard_Johnson_Motor/
    For those who don’t believe in perpetual motion you may want to “look up” and behold the universe which seems to be in perpetual motion and delivering it’s energy freely to us: Solar radiation being one example. I have no doubt there are scams out there but try to keep an open mind…we haven’t discovered everything.
    Howard Johnson received a patent by demonstrating a working model.


    1. Here it is, in simple words, they are charging a lot of money for info you can find free on line, do a Google search and look on YouTube, you’ll find plenty of FREE info about this.


  18. OMG!!! We need to get these “scamers”, Any body recall what common sense is? Yeah let’s involve lawyers so they can make a few bucks off of this issue also.
    Any person who has the education, knowledge skills and recources to attempt and believe he
    will sucessfully achieve building machines like these. Won’t need to buy a $50.00 “set of plans” to construct it. Do you really think these are blueprints for fifty bucks?
    Hey I got a bridge I’m trying to unload. Cheap!
    If you spent more of your time educating yourselves ,and just look at what has been posted here and the time to do it, all over fifty bucks? that’s not even a half a tank of gas. Wow! now that’s a scam.
    The scamers are the ones who have our government bail out multi-billion dollar companies after screwing you out of alot more than fifty bucks.
    Talk about wasting energy!
    And to be sure to not discredit the genius of inventive minds and what really showed me the “validity” (sarcasm intended) of all this rable rousing is there isn’t anybody posting that they built a device like this or anything similar and can prove that it will never work. Oh my ,this looks to hard to do!
    Are you also the same people that bought “Sea Monkeys” buy mail order out of the back of comic books? Right next to the x-ray glasses. Any body here in the market for cases of dehydrated water? Why isn’t there any posts about your own DYI off the grid experiences? Good Grief ! I’m outta here and won’t be back.
    Think first then get smart it really doesn’t hurt.

  19. I was able to get my money back. It took a couple of weeks. I received an email from them that was very similar to Comment Number 3 by Lewis Jenkins.

    I recently found another site that offers several plans such as a fuelless engine (uses a battery to run and is credited with Over Unity to run a house if you up size it from their plans, The plans say you can build a unit from 1-350 hp) The Price is $70. I found a site to down load it for free. The plans seem to be very informative but a lot of the information is beyond me. The original site is

    Anyone read this set of plans or tried to build them?

  20. I am 63 and many years ago i watched a prog on BBC called Tomorrows world . Two experiments stuck in my mind . A pump that circulated used engine oil and cleaned it in the process and a man holding a wand with what looked like recording tape on it like a cheerleaders pompom, when this was shaken it generated an electrical current enough to power a small toy electric train. I have seen nothing of this amateur technology since. Did big business get scared and buy them out.

  21. I searched that site; nice one, but nothing came up about generators of any but the standard types. Can you offer more specifics about what you saw?

  22. Thanks for confirming my suspicions about the Magniwork scenario. As a teacher of college Physics, I, and probably most folks are aware that no has or ever will invent a perpetual motion machine. The presence of so many “reviewing” web sites which also provide links to the reviewed product should be a tipoff to potential fraud, anyway. And why would a credible reviewer violate the principles of unbiased and impartial reporting? They don’t.

    The continually growing amount and variety of sleaze in the market place is mind blowing. I wonder where our species would and could be if the thieves and liars of the world channelled that energy constructively.


  23. Ahh…to bad you cannot do your homework properly and throughly investigate this matter. If you had of done your research properly, you would know that the 57 page e-book is a fraud that has been perpertrated to give the company and the product a bad name; with the genuine e-book from magniwork being 143 pages in length.

    Stirling D Allan: “I am a fool”


    Alexbenady: “I should be ashamed for putting out such a shoddy article containing misinformation and not thouroughly researching the material first”

  24. Ah, folks, did you ever ask yourself the simple question — how does a sole inventor come up with this endless power source, as opposed to research universities around the world and R&D units of huge, billion-dollar companies?

    The answer, simply, is that this is a scam. Not only does the genesis of this product strain credulity, it’s even more improbable that giant corporations would still be using fossil fuels to generate power if this device actually works!

    Think, folks, think. It costs nothing to do so, and thinking and questioning may just save you quite a bit of money throughout your life.

  25. I wrote a review about magnet generator plans. they’re all crap. forget about never paying your electricity bill again. better save more energy to lower your bill and you will do our planet earth a favor, too.

  26. hello:

    I bought the plans from Magnets 4 energy, but I still have not been able to get the magnets through internet. I guess the only way to find out if this works is to try to build it. I saw a comment from gator that he built it. But it takes some effort to make the tools and parts. I am still very skeptical about it, I bought the plans for about $50 dollars (I think) with another friend, and he does not believe in it. If I ever see one running, I will place a new comment, but I doubt it, since if so, they would be selling it commercially already.

  27. As all of You agreed this 57 page pdf is a dreamers view of physics for starters, It mostly contains tips to reduce energy wastage. The real construction part is with zero advanced physics. If this is real why they do not have a proper publication or a patent for this. Is any thing like this if true, which will clearly change the worlds present economy is sold at few dollars?

  28. Honestly, I’ve read a lot about it and I have seen all the schemes they have as well. I’m not sure if you can call it a scam since yes their scheme is kinda out of this world thing for most people but its still offering the info needed to build the thing. Also, they do refund there product so it also shows that they stand behind it.

    Sorry but I’ve just seen way to many people calling out scams on almost anything they stumble on the web. I’ve seen some very good stuff out there that are being called scams just because people aren’t satisfied with it since they can’t build it or work upon it.

  29. @gator
    Can you please post a video of the device you build to youtube. I have messed with building this type of generators before and I have NEVER seen one that would spin by the magnet power alone. I understand that the power produced would be minimal, but I am more curious to see a machine actually spin continuously by magnet power alone.


  30. Anybody can advice us about ebm technology. As per as my understanding, they are selling licenses since 2001. We haven’t seen any power project yet. We heard about big manufacturing company has taken over the production. We still don’t know the real picture. They even don’t like to talk over the phone. Allen may have better knowledge. We like to see any updates. Thanks.

  31. Thomas

    “ClickBank review every product that they sell, and it is dissapointing that, even though it seems to be generating a ton of money, they allow it on their market place.”

    The clue is in the “generating a ton of money” bit. The fact is that ClickBank is promoting quite a number of schemes, which at best are unethical. They simply don’t care.

    I approached them about it and they simply responded with instructions on how to find products to promote.

    Use ClickBank with care, or avoid it altogether.

  32. I would like to know why Clickbank doesn’t do anything about this. They must be asked of a lot of refund for this product and I’ve never seen so much negative and angry comments about a product online. There have been loads of people who have complaint about this magniwork product. I myself am pretty pissed off. I’m affiliate marketer and very new to it. I was told by another affiliate company that is pretty big, to promote this product. They gave me a lot of info I needed and I paid good money for it. I started a website and thought it was a good product without ever buying it myself. Silly me to trust others to do these researches. I’ve spent money on trying to promote a product that is clearly a scam and rubbish. What I don’t understand is how popular this product is within Clickbank and how many sales there has been. The refund rate got to be a lot for this.
    I will never again trust anyone but myself to do these researches. I just want to say to anyone who bought this, to get your refund at Clickbank, it is no problem at all.

  33. @Thomas…thats how most clickbank fraudsters work, they hope that you will get information overload and think that its your fault its not working. Although this particular product is a scam, i urge all readers not to dismiss magnetic generators, or free energy devices. there are working examples, do a search on youtube and you will find tons of videos documenting this stuff, some work, some dont, but its not all ‘scam’. cheers

  34. Magniwork.com is the 15712:th largest site within .COM – which is quite a result. ClickBank review every product that they sell, and it is dissapointing that, even though it seems to be generating a ton of money, they allow it on their market place. What is difficult to understand is that with the ClickBank refund policy – how is it that anyone fails to ask for a refund. Must be the embarassment factor – eg people still believe that it works, but they just did not have the skills to build it correctly.

  35. Previous entry

    BUT IF YOU REALLY INTERESTED LOOK UP TROY REED THIS GUY REALLY RATES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNbJ1aew-BQ&feature=related

    Too bad this link was removed for “terms of use violation,” meanwhie the internet is awash with this fraud. Too bad, I would have liked to have seen them for myself, but I’m not surprised the whistle blowers are censored while the crooks are protected.

  36. Hi
    I live in Ukraine where my wife and I run a small holding near the border with Romania.

    As a small holder living in this neck of the woods, the biggest problem we’ve encountered has been in securing a consistent energy supply for our needs. The grid in these parts is not what it should be. We therefore suffer blackouts more frequently than most other regions. This can have a devastating effect on our poultry breeding program. So when I came across Magniworks on Click Bank, I was tempted to buy a copy of the manual. However, with limited resources to invest in new projects, I was obliged to carry out due diligence before making my purchase, and thank God I did.

    Thanks to the review and comments on this site, I have decided not to purchase the Magniworks manual. I would sooner suffer the inconvenience of blackouts than lose money to a scam.
    Thank you.

  37. Hi Nathan,
    I was fool and have bought the magniwork plans for a magnetic generator through the website you said here https://topmagneticgenerator.com – once I looked at the book and instructions I asked for my money back… I finally got it back – People, you need to be careful with these magnet generator plans – there is nothing in it – if there was – some company would have make it commercial already

  38. If any one thinks this plausible and was dumb enough to pay for it kill your self right now.Your gullibility and ignorance is past on to your off spring and holds humanity back.
    If the laws of physics no longer apply try jumping from a high cliff or breath under water.

  39. Has anybody built a magnetic generator that works.
    I found this site: https://topmagneticgenerator.com that claim it has build a magnetic generator, and the description is so well written, but when I asked them for pictures and proof that it works no one got back to me on this matter… many people want to believe this, but the truth is that it can’t be done

  40. I got the ebook from a friend and actually built this. It does power my TV and computers in my Den with no problem. It won’t power the whole house or even half but, by making this bigger, their is no doubt in my mind that it will and can power my whole house for free. Please ignore the people here who probally own stock in the companies that power the world!

  41. I work as an online affiliate and I was about to promote this product but decided to check the legitimacy of this technology. After reading the posts on this site I’m definitely not going to even consider promoting what can only be called “junk.”

    There are actually many affiliates promoting this scam and I bet many of them are unaware that this product doesn’t work.

    In my opinion “Clickbank” the third party who handles the sale of this ebook should take a more aggressive stance on people who sell these products. Afterall the Clickbank image is also being tarnished by these scammers, but I guess greed and the pursuit of riches numbs the morals and principles of many people.

  42. Does any body remember their high school thermodynamics? Its simple physics, you can not creat something from nothing. May be God, but not you!

  43. Look up the energy machine of Joseph Newman – Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum there is a 24 page result of the look up.
    Specificly the banters between Eta C, gritmonger and garynolan where it is discussed in great detail about the NBS, Federal Court in Wash DC, Judge Jackson and Joseph Newmans machine.
    The NBS had Joseph Newmans’ Generator that had to be taken the on a flat bed truck by Joseph Newman himself to NBS in Wash DC.
    That doesn’t make any sense.
    Why wasn’t it mentioned in any news clips in the media???????????,
    I have not searched the newspapers in DC for articles about the NBS and the generator.
    I bet that if i did I probably would not see anything!
    I believe, based on my own experiments with other controversial matters and research of the same for over 19 years, that it is a cover up allright.
    A cover up by the NBS – National Burough of Standards.
    I bet this will not be posted on this website because they probably only publish comments that support their views.
    Watch and see.
    I am going to alert my friends about this web site and tell them to look and see if this is posted.
    I hold the opinion and proven at that by my own experience that new information about what can help us in any way should be honestly looked at and experimented with.
    It sounds like all the posted comments are from people that did not try anything!!!!!!!! Build anything!!!!!!!!!!!! They don’t really know do they.
    I havn’t tried anything for reasons other that skepticism which I will not go into right now.
    To the operators of this so called FREE scam information.
    Why don’t you SHOW us the proof that you are not an operation designed by the FBI, CIA, MI6, or the KGB.
    I bet you won’t do that because you can’t.
    Maybe we should be skeptical of you!!!!!!!

  44. Why do people believe those claims of free energy? There is no such thing as free energy. If people are stupid enough to order a plan, they are ready for a lesson and 50 dollars is not an expensive lesson compared to what i paid the garage last week for not renewing the motoroil of my car. Still, fraud is wrong and should be prosecuted. It’s better to tell people they can save over 60% of their energybills if they wash their laundry low temperature or cold. If they throw away their electric waterheater and if they never iron their laundry again. Do your dirty dishes by hand instead of a powerconsuming electric dishwasher. These things really pays off.
    If your not ready to do this, get an extra job to pay for your energybill.

  45. To anyone who did buy the Magniwork product, it is sold through ClickBank and they have a money back return policy for all their products so if you just contact them you should be able to get your money back.

    It is too bad, when I first saw it I wanted to buy it too, it is unfortunate fraudsters like that make it more difficult for true scientist and engineers to get the investors that are needed to create these technologies so needed for our survival.
    If you want to check out a cool concept and project which is not taking any large corporate sponsorship or donations (so no one can tell them what or how to run things) and is going to make available for free all they discover check out ConstructZero.org Really cool thing to do to give back. I am not associated with them I just love the concept and wanted to spread the word. we need more groups, companies like that. Enjoyu.

  46. I complained to the Advertising Standards Authority when an advert for this ‘product’ appeared in the UK ‘Daily Mail’ on line.
    The ‘company’ blamed ‘affiliate advertisers’ and have said the claim for ‘free electricity’ won’t be repeated. The ASA has upheld my complaint.
    However, on receipt of the letter today I check on the Internet to find that the same absurd claim is being made everywhere by them. As it’s not a UK website the ASA can take no action I guess.
    Google is in a position to do this. Why don’t they?

  47. Jim,

    Not one “over unity” device has ever made more energy then it took to run it – ever.

    The good news:

    Solar works.
    Wind Energy Works.
    Nuclear power Works.
    Hydro Electric works
    Tidal power works.

    New (and proven) nuclear reactors can recycle and re-use over 90% of its own waste. This could be used long enough until we find something better. There’s enough nuclear fuel to last for centuries.

    Note that all the workable solutions were developed by teams of physicists, scientists, and others working together for a common goal. Compare this to spending $50 on an internet scam so you can be the one to “save the world”. Kind of puts it into perspective doesn’t it?

  48. Insidiously, this article itself — as of 6 Dec 2009 — has a prominent Google sidebar with what looks like two advertising items:
    “Ads by Google
    “Make a Magnetic Generator – To Create Free Electricity to Power Your Home, A Must Read, Get it Now – Electricity-Generator.net”
    “Magnetic Generator Plans – Use magnetic power to generate free electricity to power a home & more – URL REMOVED BY OFF-GRID EDITOR”
    Each has a footer: “Affiliate of Magniwork”

    In fact, they are identical links directing you to the:
    “Magniworks Main Website. Just Link Below”

  49. yes i have sent my money to them , cant get in touch with them
    yes i have down loaded my scam of a 57 page SCAM is there any address being in the uk,
    what a fool i was,

  50. Never in the history of the internet has anyone mounted a more thorough propaganda campaign. The criminals (in my opinion) behind this really know how to manipulate search engines so it’s almost impossible to find anything negative about it. In addition, chat rooms are found and bogus success stories are posted, negative comments removed. What a clever and massive effort they have demonstrated. If they devoted all that effort for the good of mankind, we would all know their names. As it is, they must hide their identity. How do we know they are bogus? In all the history of mankind no one has ever produced a free energy machine that can be operated by an independent party. Never. Not one time. Only the so called inventors can ever demonstrate it in controlled conditions. Be real, what are the chances of you the reader finding one on the internet? One that you can easily build in your spare time and can be explained with elementary school level pseudo science? No really important discovery can be kept a secret for long. The technology for the atomic bomb was even published and available to the public (it’s been recalled since).

    Don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out (not to mention your wallet as well).

  51. If there ever is a free energy system that really works, it would be hard to find through the din of hoards of con men and lunatics pitching the same kinds of claims.
    I see widespread free energy scams having been ripping people off for about 100 years now. The biggest crooks are people like Dennis Lee (his latest prosecution now by the FTC) who scams people out of 100’s of thousands in dealerships or other kinds of investment in false technology. All the way on the low end are scams like magniwork and fuelless power which operate a safe smaller cost per victim scam of selling kits that don’t work. It is hard to prosecute the smaller scam – their worst effect is wasting people’s time trying to get a damned from the start kit working – of course if you complain it doesn’t work, they have the audacity to call you too stupid to make it work when you were only stupid enough to trust them for plans for the impossible.

    Eric Krieg

  52. QUESTION: Where are law enforcement agencies? The Internet has become a free-for-all for fraudsters and thieves, vast sums are being purloined daily in various ways, and worldwide, innocent people’s lives disrupted and damaged. But no country has a coherent policy for dealing with this plague, and there are no broadly based international cooperative effort. What is to be done to change this situation? Because something has to be done. Things cannot be allowed to continue like this. I myself filed complaints with numerous American Federal and also state law enforcement agencies against a company operation as the “Video Professor” and have received no response and seen no action from any of them. A little bit of research revealed that there are thousands of complaints against the “Video Professor,” yet no action is being taken by police or prosecutors!! So I am in the process of hiring a law firm to launch a class action lawsuit against this company for steeling $600.oo from my credit card account. I was once a government official with responsibility for Consumer Protection, yet even with this background I was “taken” by these scam artists!! So what chance has the average lay person? Broadly speaking, folks have to go beyond blogging about the problems of Internet fraud and thievery. I suggest bringing organized pressure on law enforcement officials.

  53. I think the e-book Magnet4Energy sells is the same as that of Magniwork.
    I did order but requested for refund (which they refund right away) as soon as I see that the guide is not really a step by step guide and you have to create some molds and fiberglass and that’s too complicated for me to make, I thought as per their ads is I can use readily available parts from hardware store.

  54. Ah too bad, I found way too many negative reviews on this stuff to buy this now.
    Would love to see though an actual video made by those that failed. Who knows? After all magnetic energy is still hardly understood by us (other than the opposite poles attract and it can generate electricity if you move it in a coil etc etc) as far as I know.

  55. I noticed an ad for this product a few weeks ago on Sterling’s site, and subsequently purchased the 57 page brief. Yes, I paid the $49 credit card, and yes, I was excited to download the materials and build a model in my machine shop. When I reviewed the brief it was, as Mr. Allen has suggested, written so poorly that I doubt anyone can make enough sense of it to actually construct one. I am a PhD mechanical engineer, have an advanced machine shop and cad/cam software but cannot dicypher the plans well enough.

    In my heart I believe that a combination of electromagnetic enegy and permanent magnet forces can, (and will someday), be combined to create some kind of over-unity, but this ain’t it. So, off to the Chava and Lutec sites I go…..

  56. It’s fraudsters like this that give a bad name to real companies selling viable alternative energy products like hydrogen generators. There are plenty crappy books in this genre as well, which makes our job much harder. Nevertheless, we actually respond to peoples questions and give warranties and tech support, showing we are a viable company, based in California. Our new line of HHO generators is twice as efficient as most out there and are due to be released in just a few short days…
    Magniwork should be shut down if they cannot produce testimonies and real product proof. I think the FTC is getting ready to do this…

  57. This Magni-work seems to have changed their content
    several times to avoid stepping on other peoples
    legitimate legal claims, the only problem is, what
    they now have probably no longer has any technical
    merit. It’s difficult to level critisizem at something
    that keeps changing. It definitely seems like a scam.


  58. I purchased a $49 version of this program, because I saw it on a trusted site, then I found negatives on several accounts (pewsiki for one) I then wrote to the company requesting a refund, which happened several weeks later. The last note I received from this company follows:
    Dear Sir,

    I must’ve missed your previous e-mail, sorry about that, I assure you
    that this is an honest company.

    I have issued a refund on your order, it takes up to 2 working days for
    the refund to be processed, so please be patient.

    Kind Regards,
    Vojdan Vrcakovski

    I must confess the plans looked very appealing.


  59. They didn’t come up with the IP, they merely poked around the internet and grabbed something that looked nominally convincing. It’s piracy.

    On our site, https://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Magniwork, we list 30 different virtual domains that have been used in Google AdWords campaigns promoting the product. In my AdSense account, I block all 30 of these so they don’t show up in my ad space.

    Though I’ve reported this scam to Google, I’m guessing that those who have reviewed it don’t feel qualified to make a determination of fraud. They see what appears to be happy customers, they see a money back guarantee.

    What they don’t see is that the large bulk of people buy the plans then don’t do anything with them because they’re too complicated.

    I seriously doubt that there is anyone actually powering anything, let alone a home, using the Magniwork generator plans. They’re making that stuff up. It is fraud, plain and simple. I’ve not see one photo or video of a completed device. I’ve not seen any data from output. All I’ve seen is people claiming they are powering stuff, and I question their integrity if they don’t provide evidence to back their claim.

  60. Thank you for posting information about this Magniwork scam and making clear that Magnetic Power Inc. (MPI) is not involved. In the past they did mention our work and when legal action was threatened they removed any mention of MPI.

    MPI Magnetic Power Modules are now being developed by Chava Energy. When they are in production they will be marketed as MagGen(tm).

    Those who do not believe magnetic systems can tap new sources of energy might enjoy the article titled: Perpetual Commotion, on the Chava website: https://chavaenergy.com

    Potential automotive applications of MagGen, and another revolutionary energy development, are briefly described in the article: 5 Steps to Revive the Auto Industry and the Economy It can be found on the Aesop Institute website: https://www.aesopinstitute.org

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