Magna Carta Village eviction threat

Police carrying Tasers arrived at Eco-village last week as evicition notice was being served on residents
“We’ll be back” – just the first of many
Residents of the Runnymede Eco-village, next to the site hosting the 800th anniversary celebrations this June, won a court battle yesterday to delay their eviction from the site where they have lived for over 2 years.

But the court ruling today may prove to be a short-lived delay. Lawyers for the owners of the land will be back in court early May and a campaign has started to defend the Magna Carta village.

“We are appealing for as many people as possible to support us,” said Phoenix Rainbow, one of the defendants.

“There are millions of acres of disused land where people could live and grow food,” and we want to draw attention to that.”

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  1. I look forward to watching it too :D I hope this happens, and happens soon, as our society does not work anymore. It does not allow much for non-materialists and eco-friendly living, or off-grid living.

  2. This morning my friend and I watched a movie and during the conversation he asked what kind of movie I would create and after much debate and discussion it is sort of like this

    It’s called 2035 it’s set in a North America . More and more people are dropping out of society as food is for the rich. Off-Grid communities are everywhere. Large corporations are out of control. City infrastructures are falling apart for middle class and the poor but the taxes are collected for the rich areas to make everything perfect. The poor start to gather and form a bond to cause collateral damage to banks pipelines etc. A list of CEO paid millions is created and things get much worse. Goverments are slow to act and soon the middle class stops paying taxes and take sides with the poor. Goverment tries to control food to stare the unruly but this doesn’t work. After years of war between the two sides a truce is signed and soon everyone is living off-grid and a new form of taxation starts.

    Could this really happen ?????

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