DIY bow made of PVC and fiberglass rods

With all the controversy over guns, some places do not allow you to own a gun or make it so difficult to own one that it’s next to impossible to have one, and the fact that some people just don’t want the responsibility of gun ownership, but would still like to be able to defend themselves or hunt, or even just target practice for fun, a bow and arrow is the next best thing, it’s quiet, often more legal to own and possess. It’s also stealthy, you can shoot an arrow with no one hearing you, you can shoot in the city without worrying about ordinances. You still must be careful, you can hurt or even kill someone if you are careless, but with the proper training and practice, you can use a bow and arrow for nearly anything you could use a gun to do.

Bows can be expensive, and if you are just starting out, or are a DIY kind of person who enjoys a challenge, building your own bow can be fun and rewarding, you can use inexpensive parts that are readily available, you might even have everything you need to complete your own bow.

Watch this young man create a PVC and fiberglass rod bow.

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