Loving Couple Caravan Adventure

Loving couple lived in a caravan for three years.
The Larsen’s loved living off-grid in a caravan.

Loving couple Stian Berg Larsen and Susanne Madelen Larsen are having a DOUBLE celebration – their new daughter, Aurora Louise is one month old and after they lived off-grid for three years, they do not have to worry about the money anymore. They saved approximately 25.000 pounds by living in their caravan.

“The economic benefits for living off-grid was a huge bonus”, Berg Larsen says.

They both agree that living off-grid was one of the best experience they have ever had. That was, before their daughter was born of course.

It was after the Larsen´s got kicked out of their apartment in the Norwegian city Stavanger they decided to try a different style of living. The prices for buying and renting was rising, which made it difficult to find a place to stay. Susanne´s mum suggested a motel or cabin, but after some creative thinking they decided to purchase a caravan.

For almost three years, the couple lived on Sola Camping site in Southwestern Norway

“Even though we both studied and worked when we lived in the caravan, it gave us a great perspective on ways of living. I do not have anything bad to say about our off-grid adventure”, Berg Larsen says.

The only negative aspect the couple could think of was the cold journey from the outdoor shower back to the van wearing just a towel. Norway can be quite a chilly climate, especially in winter when the temperatures often drops to about -15 degrees.

More than enough space

Although the loving couple lived in a tiny home they had room for a double bed, a kitchen, toilet and a living room. They now live in a house in Stavanger, but before they made their decision to go back to traditional living they took a gap year in Bali, enjoying the warm weather and each others company.

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