looking for people to buy land in french pyrenees together

We are still looking for people….

for the mountains in french pyrennees .

I am Johnny Tidd a survival teacher running my own school in UK..

We need people to make a community in france, its amazing there – No the people there are not arrogant and loud, before you ask!

There 100s of communities..

Since the 60s, its the best kept secret of europe.. So much off-grid living, exchange culture and poeple Really trying to be self sufficient..

Working the land, not lazy people!

It still be a safe place in the future.. My intuition is strong on that..

The French are so lovely and there also loads of brits.

Is really solid community there.

There is land possibly to move onto already or if not land to buy between a group of us. Finances not a necessity.

Here are the guidlines and ethos of the community vision, if it gels with you then pm me and we will start some zoom calls etc …

Community Business Plan .


Earth comes first , healing of the earth , and so in reciprocity nature has the power to heal us .

Leave no trace – working with natural materials as much as possible.

To move towards off-grid living – as much as possible.

To go on a journey of self discovery with each other , to grow to learn to evolve together.

To move towards complete self sufficiency bridging the pathways from permaculture to paleolithic survival skills .

Guidelines/values/foundational vision of project

Living and building of eco housing. Building of round houses for workshops and ceremony spaces.

A democratic school for kids and a educational centre for indigenous arts and crafts. This will be a private school under the radar.. With after school activities etc

Shamanism and indigenous principals of living and learning.

Ancient wisdom and storytelling to inspire and create a solid , connective tribe.

Learning of bushcraft and survival skills, ancient arts and crafts .

Permaculture and forest gardens .

Wild food propagation and the building of eco systems for the future.

comment below …. or pm me …

Johnny Tidd x

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