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I have a beautiful property in the Sierra Foothills that I could share with a like minded couple. Off-Grid, wildlife preserve, private and secure. Must have building talent and able to sustain yourself financially.

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  1. Shocked you don’t already know of people to join you. We live in Sacramento now and are discussing a transition off-grid. I’m an experienced builder and gardener. Don’t know how serious you are – but I’d be interested in talking. Send me a message. Take care,

  2. I am 27 years old and have been looking for just what you are offering. If you are serious, I am a survivalist and can feed my self. Just need the land. In exchange I can provide friendship and work. Let me know. Nicholas

  3. Hi,
    Just googling around, I came upon your notice. I’m not what you’re looking for, for my age and lack of ability. But at 67 I’m still physically ambitious; I have lots of common sense, experience, and a monthly income. Plus, the desire to live off-grid, as much and as soon as possible. I own my MH and drive a decent car. If I only had a partner or friends with which to share and work at the dream….
    I grew up in the country in Oregon (family milk cows, hogs, a milk goat, riding and work horses and a huge veggie garden area, grape and berry vines and fruit trees) Later, I’ve lived in different parts of CA including Squaw Valley (Ripple Lane). I’ve also lived on a tropical island for 6 years. Never off the grid, but I was ten years old before we had a telephone or TV. Now I’m in Reedley, by the river.
    Should you learn of anyone or a situation possibly compatible to me, please let me know. I might be of help you somehow as well.

    Best thoughts,


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