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04 This absolutely falls under the “How cool is that!” category… I have seen lots of sheds, workshops and homes made out of shipping containers, some are buried in the ground, most just sit on the ground, some people are creative with them and create an entire home out of multiple containers. Most can be found in rural areas of the USA…

This has to the the most interesting one I have seen to date. These folks owned a small (read TINY) lot in NY, after lots of work and convincing, they created their home with several of these containers stacked up, it’s modern looking, it’s sleek, it’s clean and it works! 05 03 02

vs the $300000.00 quoted for just the shell of a masonry building…


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  1. So awesome, you guys. That’s a bucket list item for me… to create a unique living space nobody had built before. You did it! I hope you both live together happily in your awesome little house.

  2. I just love to hear about pioneers in our today world. People that challenge our social with outside the box ideas. To make it even better, you have a wonderful, beautiful, useable home that cost you a minimum compared to the norm.

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