Life in a small community

We are back on track now, after last week’s rain deluge, our little community really pulled together to help all of us. This is one of the good things about living in a small community, when there is a need, we all jump in and help, no matter what differences we may have.

We typically have 2 people working on the roads out here, but after the 4 days of heavy rains, our roads were decimated beyond use, there were about 30 volunteers in the following days working on the 2 worst roads, mine was one of them. Folk came out with heavy and light equipment, some had hand tools, shovels, chainsaws and the such.

Living in a small community has its ups and downs, right now we are going through some political issues, not national subjects, but much closer to home, we have a POA and have a board of trustees who are voted in to represent the people out here. Some would like to do away with the POA but something I learned is if we didn’t govern ourselves, then we would be governed by the powers that be in the county. I prefer governing ourselves.

In the past couple of years, there have been a change of the guard, the old guard was voted out and a new bunch was voted in, for the better or worse, we are working through changes and growing pains. As will happen with groups, there is a division in the community and some smaller divisions as well, there are a few, vocal folk who have been creating more problems than they are solving and lately the noise level has gotten pretty loud.

Honestly I believe this storm was exactly what this community needed, it caused everyone to take a step back, to reassess what is real, what is important, and we all came together, neighbor to neighbor, neighbor for neighbor, we put our differences aside and worked together to fix the roads, and hopefully heal our community.

This is life in a small community, and I love it.

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