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Most of us don’t have all the knowledge or experience needed to do all those changes we need to make our homes off-grid, more energy efficient, or healthier to live in. So what do you do if you don’t or can’t spend it on expensive labor or bribe friends to help you?

We found one answer while reading a newsletter from Mother Earth News. By joining Habitat for Humanity you can not only help someone get a home of their own but learn valuable construction skills that will help you with your projects. So instead of paying someone else to do it or taking a class at the community college or vocation center you can learn by hands on experience while making a big positive impact on another persons life. Not only do you learn these great skills but you get to meet other people who want to make a difference in this world, just the kind we love.

If you don’t need the skills or have the time to help by becoming a volunteer don’t worry they have another great program that you can help with and feel great about. They have a ReStore. the ReStore is a store that all proceeds go to supporting their cause. It is stocked with new and gently used building materials, appliances, and furniture. On top of that they are all donated and deep discounted. Our local store special right now is 300 white laminate shelves with brackets for $1 a piece. Anyone who has visited the local hardware store should see the price difference as locally these run for about $12 and that does not include brackets. So not only can you get deals on materials you need but you help keep the gently used productsout of our landfills and give them a second life.

This is just another example of how with a little digging you can find great ideas, materials, plans, or just about anything else you need to make your home your own little island. Becoming self-sufficient in your resources that are needed to run your home also has an insulating effect in todays economy. If you don’t have to woryy about the price of oil for the cost of electricity then you have a big advantage over those that do. Since oil is only going up then taking advantage of alternative energy resources is something to think about.

Since everyhting in our economy somehow is effected by oil and gas prices the less you need to buy the better your budget will be. Good Luck and keep in touch.

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