Keeping your cool

It’s hot here in the desert,  but it’s dry heat (as they like to say),  this is the time of the year when it gets really warm for us,  hitting the high 90s up into the 100s F,  we don’t have or use any sort of air conditioning,  it uses up a lot of power and this hot period only lasts a few weeks,  then the rainy season (monsoon) hits.

So for this short period of time,  we look for ways to keep cool,  especially during midday when it came get dangerous.  The main things we do are:

  • Take frequent breaks
  • Don’t work during the heat of the day
  • Drink lots of water (super important)
  • Eat light meals
  • Don’t cook when it’s hot
  • Stay in the shade
  • Use fans to circulate air
  • Find cool spots,  shady spots
  • Work in the morning and later in the day
  • Nap during the heat
  • Use a spray bottle of water to cool off
  • Take a quick cool shower to rinse off and cool down

Fortunately,  being the desert for us,  it does cool off at night,  so it is bearable,  many who live around us do use air conditioners and evaporative coolers,  we just haven’t seen the need to invest in one of those,  if we lived anywhere else,  it would be required to have, to survive.  How do you get through the heat of summer?

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