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It has been mentioned before but an article was due on the Alliance to Save Energy. The Alliance to Save Energy promotes energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security. As stated on their website: “The Alliance is the only national nonprofit, bipartisan public-policy organization working in strategic partnership with business, government, environmental, educational, and consumer leaders to encourage a more vibrant marketplace for energy-efficient products and to promote energy efficiency worldwide.”

It was founded by Senators Charles H. Percy, a Republican from Illinois, and Hubert H. Humphrey, a Democratic from Minnesota. Since it’s founding in 1977 it has a solid track record for unifying both the public and private sectors to promote sustainable energy for the future.

Today the Alliance still strives to better equip our future teachers, policy makers, business leaders, environmental leaders and even the everyday consumer. So that they can make informed decisions about their energy use and future energy directions.
They cannot and do not want to do that alone. They hope that by us all working together we will be able to reach the common goals of a healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and improved energy security through energy efficiency.

According to Kateri Callahan the President of Alliance to Save Energy “Energy efficiency represents the cheapest, quickest and cleanest resource for meeting the world’s ever-increasing demand for energy”

The Alliance has over 115 organizations from all parts of the economy, from “big box” retailers to energy providers to state and local governments and national laboratories, participating actively in their Alliance Associates Program. This provides them many opportunities to engage in every aspect of these organizations, from policy advocacy to market transformation initiatives and national communication campaigns. The Alliance also drives efficiency through public policy.

The Alliance serves as the recognized and respected voice of the energy efficiency movement before Congress, the Administration, and state and local governments. They do everything from advocating energy-efficiency building codes
and appliance standards to securing funding for technology deployment. They also seek government support to advance energy efficiency. They try to communicate their message through PSAs and media outlets.

It serves as a unified voice for the energy-efficiency community through its award-winning PSAs and frequent interviews with national and local media outlets. The Alliance actively employs all forms of media to educate public leaders and the public about the multiple benefits of saving energy.

Though this organization is seen as a media resource for what is going on in politics, manufacturing, research, education and more on energy efficiency, green initiatives, alternative energy, etc., they offer newsletters to anyone who wishes to sign up for them. Just think everyday, week, monthly and/or bi-month you can receive the the latest news about the going ons without searching through national, local, trade, etc. publications. With over 8 different newsletters you are sure to find one that spans your interest. You can find descriptions of their newsletters here. Even if you don’t sign up for a one take the time to look around or search their website for they offer great information that is sure to help you make your home more energy efficient.

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