Jesse Ventura “an hour from pavements”

Jesse Ventura fishing in Mexico
Angling for freedom

Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, former wrestling champion, has taken to spending part of the year off-grid in Mexico, Reuters reports.

Ventura told the news service he is

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  1. Jesse..I’ve been following you since the conspiracy theory days..a lot of what you have talked about has helped shape the way I look at world events and how I prepare my family for this eventful future..there is one topic that deserves a lot of attention as it is an immediate threat to our country all the oceans and all civilizations around the world..Fukushima continues to be ignored..I go to fukashima diarys to get information(true) information about this worldwide disaster..the radiation is already causing cancers for thousands of Japanese citizins and citizins of our west coastal region..but mainstream media continues to block out any information that is even remotely true..the guy that runs the website fukushima diaries is about the only truthful reputable source of information I can find on the daily operation of seems to be an intentional poisoning of our ocean..I live in the middle of the United States and am in fear for my life my families life my future grandchildren all partly because of what is happening with th severe poisoning of our seafood and land grown would be great if you could focus some o your investigators in that direction..where a radiation suit an bring a Geiger counter..your gonna need it

  2. Jesse, I met a neighbor of yours while visiting Cabo. I forgot where he mentioned your residence. I would like to visit this area soon if you could tell me where it is located. I am a devoted fan. Love your Conspiracy Theory show! Best regards, Gary

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