Jay Kay goes off-grid

Jay Kay
JK – camper than you think

Car-crazy Jamiroquai star Jay Kay shocked garage staff when he walked in to buy a camper van. Jay, 36, turned up at a dealers in Lowdham, near Nottingham, and bought a 46,000 motorhome with a bathroom, leather armchairs and flatscreen telly. He plans to use it as a mobile apartment while away on tour.
The multi-millionaire singer could not be less ecologically aware. He already has a fleet of luxury motors including several Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a 250,000 Rolls-Royce.
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But it’s not just the rich and famous who are turning to campers like Jay Kay’s to get away from it all. According to the Motorhome Information Service, thousands of us are turning our backs on conventional holidays in favour of hitting the road. Up to the end of May, over 5,000 were sold this year, and there are more than 140,000 on UK roads.

Ruth de Mierre, spokeswoman for the service said: “Increasingly, it’s younger people who are taking to the lifestyle.

“They’re finding them a flexible, convenient, easy way to get away from it all.”

that is not Jay Kay’s plan. The self-confessed car nut, who spotted the Knaus C Liner in a magazine, said: “I can roll into London in it, go to the clubs then drive home again in the morning. I’ll use it like my London apartment.”

The caravan specialist in Gunthorpe had the only C Liner available in the country after exhibiting it at a motorshow in Birmingham. The salesman told his local paper: “He is a bit of a petrol head, so it’s nice he recognised this motorhome as being a bit funky.

“I was stunned when he invited me and the salesman down to his house in Bucks after taking delivery. It was palatial.

It looks like a Tardis and comes with ambient lighting to create the perfect romantic mood should he wish to entertain. And there is plenty of storage space for designer clothes, and a sliding glass sunroof with an automatic rain sensor.

I guess that”s what he calls “Travelling without Moving”

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