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Sportsman Channel are running a great series about ordinary people who live off the grid or off-grid ready – meaning they COULD go off-grid if they wanted to or needed to.

One of those is Mark Patrick, a straightfoward, stand-up guy who gave us a skype interview about his reason for living this way

The show airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Sportsman Channel.

Mark’s show is around July 10th.

To find Sportsman Channel on your TV, please use this link to find where Sportsman is available in a particular market: visit the Channel Finder: American viewers just have to type in their ZIP code and they can find out where Sportsman is available.

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  1. I’m on Facebook & have the email address. I want to go off-grid to a safe place. My rv is old & I have 9 dogs & 3 cats. Oklahoma & tornados don’t go well together. Would like to leave by April. No transportation need a haul. My disab/ssi is low & $90 food stamps. I pay my way. I’m no thief or addict but I smoke. Need help & will pay. Please contact me!!”

  2. mark, do you do workshops to teach others how to build their own solar panels? we watched the show with you and you mentioned that you helped others (or something along that line). would be wonderful if that’s something you were planning in the near future.

  3. Mark, it is very interesting to see how you have seemingly gotten all you preps and plans laid out is there anywhere online that I can see some of your plans and preps I’m a long way from being ready to cut ties from the grid but find it very fascinating how you and others like you have achieved something I dream about ,


  4. I am in this episode and I do have a 1k solar system and a hydro system that has been working for well over a decade. I am only powering my fridge and freezer and sometime my washing machine. Watch the episode before you judge.

  5. I disagree. This doesn’t seem like a reality show to me. This is a different type of show if you actually take the time to watch. It’s like a documentary. I am learning to live off the grid but don’t want to disconnect from society completely. These guys are just normal people who can help me achieve that goal. You all are just haters because no one wants to hear you talk about your lives.

  6. I agree with LaMar. I once worked as security for a “reality” tv program filming here. There were three guys on camera doing the same thing over and over again and 90 people just outside camera range watching. There may not be a script, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t staged. There’s nothing real about reality tv.

  7. Sorry but this guy and most of them they used for the show are just playing at being off-grid preppers and they don’t live that life everyday and think they can just start up an off-grid system. A 1kw system wouldn’t even power his fridge. They should have interviewed people living off-grid permanently. This send people the wrong message about off-grid sustainable living.

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