Innovative Tech For Living Off The Grid

Think smart devices and modern tech, what comes to mind is traceable, trackable and invasive devices that infringe our privacy. Not all tech is lousy tech though.  While the decision to go off-grid usually requires individuals to sacrifice a significant level of daily convenience, some innovations have been created to appease notable areas of living.

If you have made plans to go off the grid, it is highly likely that you are in search of devices that will keep your home powered, and add some level of convenience to your daily life without keeping you locked to the grid. This means you can ultimately enjoy the decision to go off-grid without having to sacrifice too many everyday luxuries, and with power solutions available from companies like Lion Energy, you can run more powered devices that bring convenience without compromise..

Admittedly it’s no easy task to look through the options and scrutinise the privacy policies and assurances. Still, to our mind, the only genuinely trustworthy devices are those without a connection to the web or any service that permits communication or traceable exchange. With that in mind, we bring you our top picks for great gear when living off-grid.

Small Solar Power Kit

There is something romantic about the idea of heating water and cooking food over an open flame. However, there is also an inherent risk for yourself and the environment around you. Wildfires are destructive, very difficult to put out once they spread and, obviously, dangerous. Therefore, the option of cooking and heating water with fire as a sole solution is not entirely practical, mainly because a small solar panel and battery combo can produce sufficient power to make use of a kettle and hotplate.

Given that you do decide to add additional tech to your kit, having a clean, renewable energy source with which to charge them is an excellent way to go. Using rechargeable lighting solutions are also preferable to using any fueled lighting, given the energy source is clean. Suppose your budget is welcoming to the idea of renewable energy. In that case, it is also a great idea to consider investing in solar panels and a battery backup system that will store unused power. Larger systems are quite pricey, although, starting small and building up your usage of solar energy is a plausible approach that most individuals opt for.

Custom Smart Media Player

For many, a WiFi-only tablet switched to aeroplane mode is enough, but some of us want to take our security and privacy a little further. A Raspberry Pi-based touch screen device is the perfect alternative. It is also a great way to familiarise yourself to custom hardware assembly, opening up a multitude of options for devices built to spec.


It may sound intimidating, but remember that you could order them premade as well. The thing about a setup like this is that the motherboard is barebones. It has only the essential general computational components that allow it to be programmable. It comes without preinstalled software, perfect for secure Linux installs, and has no communication capability. This means that you can either order to spec, or work on your own custom devices. You can add touch screens, audio outputs, whatever you need for entertainment purposes, and never run the risk of your information being intercepted in any way.

Powered Bicycle

This one may not be for everyone, but we love cycling as a primary means of getting around whether it’s popping into town to get some essentials or just going on a long, solo nature ride. The problem with cycling everywhere is, strangely, not a matter of physical strain. One tends to become pretty fit pretty fast when it’s how you get around.


The problem is that cycling shortens your hamstrings. While there is no absolute way to reduce this effect, other than good walking, a powered cycle decreases the rate at which it occurs. Additionally, a powered bike makes steep and near impossible terrain far more comfortable, with the motor offsetting the power automatically.

Innovative Extras

You may be willing to disconnect from the world, although, you may not yet have considered just how tedious hand washing the laundry can be. Innovative creations such as foot-powered washing machines are an excellent solution for this underrated off-grid annoyance. The invention may not be able to get your laundry done as fast as the conventional washing machines. Still, they are significantly more practical and time-saving in comparison to doing it all by yourself.

Solar heaters are another tremendous innovative extra to consider when going off-grid. While there are quite a few creative extras to consider that range from solar-powered lanterns and torches to portable battery packs and innovative hand-powered devices, those who long for the off-grid lifestyle usually only stick to the bare minimums. Therefore, it is ideal to evaluate how much the device will benefit you and your decision before making unnecessary purchases. While some may find solar-powered heating an essential, others may not find such devices at all useful.

Preparing For The Transformation

You will find that your decision to live off the grid will benefit your finances and encourage you to connect with a far less chaotic lifestyle. However, there is no doubt you will experience some challenges as you start the adjustment. For this reason, it is best to consider going off the grid gradually to ensure the monumental change is more comfortable to adjust to. If you are going off-grid with your family, you will need to evaluate how your family will adapt and how you can ease the transformation. Smaller changes can be implemented before more extensive, and more impactful measures are taken to ensure you and your family can comfortably adjust to a greener lifestyle. Once your family is on board you can adamantly pursue the ideal lifestyle and even consider off-grid housing options.

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