Huge Building in London Occupied

A 150,000 square foot building in one of London’s most exclusive areas was squatted two weeks ago by activists. Local residents had been complaining for three years that the publicly owned building (formerly a housing office) was being left empty at a cost to taxpayers of £250,000 per year.

Now renamed the Camden Mothership, the new occupants saved the local council from security fees that proved totally ineffective. The group have transformed the building into a community hub. You can help Camden Mothership continue working for their community by turning up at the 156 West End Lane, London NW6, and writing to Camden Council.

The wealthy locals who tried to get community access to the building were constantly batted away by the council.

Now 12 squatters are living there and have announced a series of public meetings and arts events.

Local councillor Sian Berry, from the Green Party has already come out in favour of letting them stay there.

Piers Corbyn, brother of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has joined the team negotiating for the occupation to be given a license by Camden Council.

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