How to go off-grid in Canada

Survive and thrive
One of our readers, called Craig, posted these tips as a comment on LandBuddy but they deserve a wider audience.

Some simple hints if you are going to come here to Canada.

1) The cheapest land is in northwestern Ontario or maritimes. Forget about BC unless you really want to get way off the beaten path like on the Cassiar highway.

2) Be prepared for winter. Yes it is cold here half the year except for areas in the okanogan of BC on on the coast. You might like the constant rain though being from England. Kamloops is a neat deserty place but the ecomony kind of sucks. Okanogan nice but expensive.

3) If you want to buy a rv cheap go to a public ADESSA auction in the prairie provinces or to a police compound sale somewhere. i bought a car for $120 WHICH IS PROBABLY 70 euros and a 1969 trailer for $200. there are even ads now offering older vehicles for free. Nope not kidding about this. Just make sure you know the regulations of the province you are in. Just make sure you have some mechanical skills. Go to auto wrecking places where you take off the parts yourself like PICK AND PULL. Schoolbuses are another option especially older ones you could convert into a RV. did this twice

4) The cheapest provinces to get insurance are the ones that have government insurance. Most likely Saskatchewan and manitoba.Stay away from Bc, (though government), Alberta, Ontario and the maritimes. Quebec I don’t know.

5) Become a freegan to save money on food. we throw crazy amounts of food away here. also buy food from dollar stores and store that offer discounts on dented or older foods. auctions are another good place to stock up

6) learn to fish and forage from locals in smaller communities for things like berry picking and mushroom picking (this takes many connotations in BC as you will learn)

7) Adverse possession or squatting is different here then in the uk, WITH MUCH OF THE LAW NOT RECOGNIZING it though this differs from province to province. Though because our nation is so damned big, it’s easier to hide.

Some books that you should get are the BACK ROADS OF… which show many campsites off the beaten path where one can stay for weeks on end in the boonies for free though they will be rustic. stay away from the national parks. They are nice but murder on your pocketbook.
There are other ways of getting land as long as you don’t build a permanent foundation house like gold placer claims and leases and traplines. Stay away from areas that have many land claim disputes with local aboriginal bands. too many cans of worms in that one.

8) get a hostelling card. goes without question. gets you 10 to 20 percent off of greyhound as well.

9) check out intentional communities on the web though beware that many are just looking for free labour from gullible foreign students over long periods of time. not all of them. just some.

10) if you want a yurt go to yurtco.com. i will be buying one off of them if i don’t make one myself.
they make about the best yurt in canada.

11) learn how the underground economy works here if you don’t have work permit like Cash Corner in calgary or picking fruit in okanogan(talk to a young person in quebec about this). Just be careful. If you have work permit then ignore this one.

12) Know that film INTO THE WILD? Well don’t be like the guy in it. Learn from the people in area how to do things like hunt, fish or forage, or learning about solar and windpower. Learn and absorb from everybody be it a native elder, an older prospector, or old hippies in the back country.

13) good luck.

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  1. Not sure if this site is still active. I have some knowledge and some kit. I am looking for a small piece of land in Alberta. Looking for other like minded folk.

  2. I am a single male of 55 years old, living in Calgary. Looking to go off-grid with another like minded person. I am tired of the money games in Calgary and have been dreaming about of grid living for a long long time. BC, sounds great, but I don’t have the resources to make that happen. I have the ambition to succeed and I want to build a log cabin off-grid and possibly film the whole experience. I have a car and could liquidate my assets which could possibly come to just under 10,000. I have a car for now, which is not a great off-grid option, that I would sell if the right opportunity came along. If there is a female with similar desires, that is not afraid of hard work, and wanted to work together to start a new beginning, feel free to hit my email up and we can discuss this further. Thank you mauricecardina5@gmail.com Not a big drinker at all. Like to smoke my pot daily. God bless.

    1. Buy CHOOSING Off the Grid. Amazon. You CAN do it and do it rather well for $10K but you’ll be illegal (but so what? NO police). I don’t recommend that simply because living OTG is so fantastic that you’ll want to stay and that means – eventually – becoming legal and that is always harder after-the-fact. But there are dozens of ways people without money can get land. NOT hard. Odd. Different. Outside-the-box. One-off-arrangements. But very doable.

  3. Bc is the hardest place to live off the grid but the best place and I’ll tell you why. If you can travel deep into the northern part of Vancouver in the great bear reef as it’s called the food supply is amazing. Cover is perfect. It’s hard for forestry officers to find you if you travel 100kms north of Vancouver. The best thing to do is buy a jacked up truck with wide mudders. Buy a rv and Jack it up and put wide mudders on it as well. If you got the skills exchange the front axle on the rv with a truck rear differential. Put a small gas truck engine at the front of the rv. Connect the two with a drive shaft. Run a cable to the truck to control the starter and rpm and gears. Next is build a wood gasification system for the truck and trailer. Also install a big generator so your gasification system can run it as well. Build a quad or small lifted 4×4 that runs on a wood gasification system and tow it behind the trailer. Now stock the trailer with survival things. The small 4×4 or quad is to return to town for emergancies or supplies. Travel slow into the forest when it’s dry or the ground is frozen. Summer is best because it hides your tracks. Go deep and survive.

    1. I am in Alberta and would love to learn how to do that. I have an RV that I would like to upgrade, and am very interested in wood gasification but have a lot to learn. Going a completely different route I have thought about sailing as well.

  4. I am from UK and want to go off-grid for a few years have skills driving field work woodworking any pointers or offers of help would be appreciated

  5. looking for someone or a couple to help me go off-grid, I have 10 acres about 2 or 3 cleared, over looking the Atlantic ocean. I do have people living with in eye sight, on both sides,

  6. Hey folks. I’m looking at 157 acres in northern Ontario, its within an organized township though. Can anyone steer me towards information concerning taxes, permits etc.

  7. Hello, I’m a 60 yr. old loner male already living pretty much off-grid here in Tn. I have made my own solar panels, wood gasifier, wind generators, steam engine (that doesn’t work but loved building it, ha) I just recently finished building a 16’x16′ deck 24 feet off the canopy floor over a creek with a 40′ walkbridge to it from the top.
    I made most of the lumber myself from poplar and pine trees with an “Alaskan chainsaw” mill. 18’x14″x3″ beams. I can operate most any heavy equipment except a dozer because I lost my right arm in a mining accident in 86. That being said, I do not own any land but I want to buy a couple or ten acres up in Canada if I can with the 6-8 grand I have stashed back. I currently live in a 89 model 34′ diesel pusher and I love it. I’m good carpenter/jack of all trades and love a challenge. I can make log furniture and have built a few log homes. I have the tools and the knowledge to live off-grid, forage, harvest,, can veggies and the tools and books to share.
    I’m looking for a small community of like minded people or just a couple of other folks that want to do the same. I’m willing to work and barter with any fair minded person and I will not impose myself upon anyone or become a bother as we all love our own space. If anyone has a thought or a plan similar to mine then holler at me?

  8. I am a single man with two friends who are husband and wife. We are tired of living in the states with everything that is going on and wanting to go off the grid in Canada. We grew up in the woods of northeastern Minnesota and have plenty of experience in the woods. We are looking for some land to bye that is off-grid. Is there any advise on where to look for land and the cost?

  9. Hi I’m from Southern Ontario and I’m just looking into living up north off the grid, I looking to hone my skills and learn as much as I can about being self reliant, I’m currently working and plan on quiting it all next spring to buy some land and start my dreams, is there any more info or books I can read to further my knowledge?.

  10. Just grabbed 150 acres in un-organized Northern Ontario (about 6 months ago actually). Going there this fall for 6 weeks. Lots of work but I cant wait.

  11. i am single mom 35 yrs old who dreams to go iff grid.,..low income, willing to learn j work to be self sufficient or to cultivate area to b offgrid friendly. looking for ideas , locations of preset off-grid communities and to reconnect to the earth, self and daughter. tired of rat race n govt conformity… no more drama worrys or fear. just freedom, work for self or as part of collective movement to help maintain offgrid living and to being happy. any offers, suggestions advice greatly appreciated!

  12. Hello,

    I am a 32 year old athletic male looking to join or assist in an off-grid community.
    I fish, trap, bow hunt, operate a chainsaw which I own, play guitar and truly have a desire for off the grid living.
    Reaching out to anyone listening.



  13. I am 55 years old and got build a tiny off-grid cabin on my acreage in Saskatchewan last summer. Would love to live there all year long, self sustainable as much as possible. I have to improve my water storage because of having 2 horses that drink a lot and water freezing up in this harsh cold during the winter. Always need some help, if anyone is interested. Enough space for RV or motor home. I also got a 5th wheel that could be used.
    Just email me for more info. rbdock@accesscomm.ca

    1. I am 63 yrs old and I dream of living off-grid. I am experienced with all kinds of tools and have worked on the family farm operating heavy equipment, trucks and tractors. I have off and on bouts with arthritis and fybromialga but am in good shape for 63. I lived in Saskatchewan when I was younger and spent many summers north of Prince Albert with my Grandfather who taught me a great deal. I know that this posting is old but are you still off-grid? If so I am interested in your thoughts about off-grid living and what is new with you.

  14. I am dreaming of buying a few acres of land, buying several sheds (the largest ones from home depot) and winterizing them. I want to start a community where people can come in and stay for free in exchange for work for the community. Any suggestions for the location? I have been thinking about the maritimes.

  15. Natasha,
    I did look at yurts and even bought some vinyl to experiment. The thing you have to look at though is local fire regulations and the fact they are considered temporary shelters ion many juridictions and have to be moved (even just a few inches) every few months or so. Depending on how big the yurt is as well and if you have a removable deck doesn’t mean they are “easy to disassemble.” I have talked to many yurt owners. I love yurts but they have their problems as well.
    Just be aware of that.

  16. I’m surprised to see no mention of yurts yet – we looked extensively at mobile homes/rvs/tiny houses, and have rejected all former plans in favour of yurts. Portable, easy to set up/disassemble, little to no footprint on your land if need be, and can be totally winterized for year round living. They really have endless options. Perfectly compliments my desires to be in closer contact with nature (think house tent) and the possibilities of a more nomadic existence, as I hope to experience most of Canada’s different environments at some point during my life.

  17. To the other Craig. How big a cabin? How much do you want to spend? Do you want a permanent foundation or tempoarary housing? Live in a trailer while building. My dad had an old mobile home he lived in and built a cabin around it.
    For a well, well find a douser ( it does work) or take a pump to nearby flowing creek but keep it quiet so the Code monsters don’t get you. Dig your own outhouse and use wood shavings for greater decomposition. There are a thousand things you can glean from the internet. Good luck.

  18. Oh and to Greg up above. Find a cheap RV or trailer. Go on kijiji or craigslist . Look for a cheap place to put for rent or make deals with people to look after land, make a barter agreement with them or cheap rent. Learn basic scavenging skills, fishing, hunting, growing of food, etc. Make networks with people who are doing the same and learn from them. Learn and educate yourself about basic survival skills but don’t overwhelm yourself. Right now I am teaching myself how to be a carpenter and how to make SIPS panels myself for my tiny houses. It is &*%$##& difficult but I am making headway. Slow and sure wins the day.

  19. Hubert,
    I alternate between BC, alberta and Saskatchewan. Sense of place is hard for me to ascribe to but my heart is in the Cariboo / Chilcotin area of BC. A friend of mine has bought some land in an unorganized township in Ontario for very cheap. Land ownership to me is a double edged sword. There are some good things to it and then some beaurocratic silliness to it as well.

  20. hey craig, an unorganized township is the best way to go. low low property tax. no municipal building permits are required, ive lived about half my life in northern ontario – the best. locate close to a lake(s) as fishing is good. whare are you?

  21. watch zeitgeist 3 people… this off-grid living movement could lead somewhere beautiful. i just watched it for the 1st time today. eye opening…. check out the others as well if ur interested .

  22. We have been looking into the cob house idea. It seems doable!! I am obsessed with going of grid! We are currently in Edmonton, AB and have land options, but I really want a secluded treed area. I found 160 acres in SK with homes and building already on that are totally self sufficient for 289k wasnt really looking to going to saskatchewan but I find it really overwhelming to start from scratch!

  23. Hey folks. I’ve found a tract of land in Northern Ontario which I was thinking of buying. Its in an un-organized township. Is there any way I can live there year round without running in to a lot of trouble and expense later or can anyone steer me towards pertinent information. I would be building a cabin and digging a well.

  24. Hey everybody. Just bought a forty foot travel trailer for $300 . Going to gut it to the chassis. for a nother tiny house. Feel free to ask questions. In the middle of beautiful BC enjoying the summer.

  25. Hi all…I’m in Southern Ontario right now, but I am born, raised, and have spent most of my life on Vancouver Island. Lasqueti Island is only one of 4 or 5 small islands off the coast of Van Isle where people go to live as off the grid as possible. Hornby, Denman, Quadra and to a lesser degree the Queen Charlottes ( Haida Gwaii ). There are benefits and disadvantages to all of these places, it’s basically what you want to invest of yourself….hard work will always be needed, but if you are willing there are huge personal benefits.

  26. I’m just a guy who’s sick of it all and I need an out, unfortunately I am financially bonded and in debt unable to afford land or rvs, starting out with literally nothing is scary but I finalized my decision on wanting to go off-grid, any tips as to where to start? So far I’m currently learning how to grow my own food.

  27. headed to India or Pakistan get some property and live like a Man . why you ask ? because half the people in my Canada are Muslim and Pakistanis or Indian their all over here we don’t have more than 2 babies in a family its been slow growing population but we have silly Governments who come in and decided to bring millions of all of the for mentioned to our land what has happened so far is like an invasion they buy up properties and helter skelter ruining in all their relatives nothing wrong with that but I cant walk down my street without seeing a thousand of them head gear and covered faces walking down my street with a dozen kids in tow. im no racist but I sure as heck don’t care for my so called Conservatives plan to populate but if they would only play our game . it has gotten so bad my daughter has tried to buy a house in our town five times the Muslims will pay 10 % more if anyone is offered to buy how can we live like this in a so called peaceful country the name of the leader is Stephen Harper he has ruined this country beyond repair

  28. For me living off-grid is a no brainer. All that stops me is land. There is available land but mostly large parcels. I am hoping to find say an acre or two.

    I just want to be able to try my hand at utilizing some skills i have developed over the years, like portable water purifiers, hand crank generators and more.

    You hope to find like minded people cause anyone can be a hermit but its building a small community that increases your chances exponentially of success.

    I am in vancouver and if there are any here living off-grid or planning it, lets have coffee and share some ideas for making how we want to live happen.


  29. Well juanita you found me, although I am in vancouver I would help in any way I could. I am a carpenter by trade and would be willing to work for you with the hope f one small acre as payment.

  30. Sure loving all the ideas here. I live just outside Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I have 27+ acres that I am still working on getting on. Trying to find a trailer to pull onto the land. I have 2 natural springs on it that I have been looking for. My mother gave me the land and I didn’t have much interest in it as I lived in the states for a few years. Now the head is on straight and the land and living off the grid has my full attention. I am still trying to find out anything I can about living off the grid here legally. I sure as heck am not going to the municipality with my questions as I may as well announce to the world that way. I have been looking for others around here who are living off the grid and not finding anyone. There has to be someone but I have no clue how to find them. Any suggestions anyone?

  31. Wow! I’m so inspired by everyone’s efforts at making this happen for themselves. I’m still at the dreaming/convincing family- stage that this could be amazing. Being an Ontario resident fully submerged in the consumerism trap, what is the first step? I imagine the first step is finding the ideal land and then finding the shelter and start modifying it to suit my needs? Are cooperative communities a good idea? Some day… :)

  32. Hello,
    This is an ad hoc answers session for several people who have posted on here.
    KIRK- There is that island near Vancouver Island that is an intentional community and there is a squatter’s camp somewhere on the Queen Charlotte Islands that BC authorities want to kick off but the local native band has said they could stay. Google it or there is a piece on it on youtube. Don’t know the situation now.
    Lana – I live near Calgary. You can be safe as a woman as long as you stay away from questionable areas in a RV. Got to the parks around Fish Creek during day to make use of the facilities ( They close at night) If you are adventurous but don’t mind the commute park an older RV at a campsite near mountains ( cheaper one near Sundre) and go back and forth in smaller car. Stay away from the established ones as they cost too much money. Of course this is usually only doable from May to October unless you are a very tough person . ( I freely admit come November I want heat and a better place to live)
    JEANNIE and RYAN ( the Americans)- By all means come up here now. Our dollar is starting to tank down to 90 cents per American and probably down a little lower to 85 cents. If you have some good skills especially in regards to the oilpatch they will be needed up here. If not get a cheap RV or schoolbus and tour. There are places to work ( legally and illegally) just be careful.
    RODNEY BLAIS- Good luck with your off-grid journey. Let me know if there is any info i could help you with

  33. hello

    Im Rodney Blais…there is a lot to say here.. I don’t know if im prepared to write it all down..

    Best place to start is the beginning

    I looked for and bought some land, 43 acres. Sharing it with my brother.

    this land is in Baldwin township Ontario Canada. by the Spanish river but not on it.. about 2000 yards from hwy 17 so not too far inland.

    I had a 34 ft motor home that I’ve been trying to sell forever.. and as luck or fate would have it, I found a mobile home and strange as it is, this guy was looking for a motor home. so we made the trade.in order to get the mobile home in place. I had to clear some land. And made a road. This cost me $4000.oo

    I had good friends provide some foundation bricks so I could level the mobile home. Presently that is where im at. winter came in and halted the progress.. I was able to install a well before the snow.. but at this point it is untested.

    My next step is to build a deck.. I’ve acquired much of the materials needed.. im sure I will need more.

    solar panels ,sine wave inverters.. controllers.. batteries and managers are next.. I’ve been spending the winter absorbing as much as I can to do this in the spring.

    I was lucky to have acquired a 4000w generator for free.. nothing special but will suffice. champion.

    I also have a 2000 w Honda generator.

    I’m 57 , my plan is to , live relatively cheap for a few years , grow a garden build a green house and a shelter for the truck and quad..ect.

    I have yet to find a wood burning stove..

    so there are many things yet to be done.

    I am very willing to have this process video taped..

    volunteers wanting to learn more of this process.. how to make my dream as I progress available to others.. the struggles the successes and the failures… Mostly I think.. is the effort that is required to make this happen.. it something that one would have to document.. because it long and drawn out.

  34. Hello,

    I thought this post had been taken off so thought i would give an update. I have now gutted 6 old double axel travel trailers down to the frame. I have the floors built on 2. I shelved the yurt idea because of many things I learned from talking to people in BC about them.. I am now a tiny house junkie and will have one this year ( or two connected). Just wish I was more versed in carpentry. I purchased a used press and will be teaching myself how to make my SIPS panels and construction. Can tell anybody how to tear old travel trailers apart in sequence and what to look for . Learning the walls and roof thing next. Would have loved to do the yurt thing but oh well.

    I have boats and things hidden on a friend’s place in BC ( no ,not a growop) It is much easier to go off-grid in BC and remain hidden then in prairies. I have become proficient on the low profile thing though I am not a hermit.

    My advice is to just do it people. I am a loner by nature and have to learn from repetition and hard knocks. I was a spoiled kid when i was younger and should have learned to become more self reliant then. If I can do a lot of these things anybody can.

  35. @ jeannie
    I know a guy this happened to, although he was hiding out because he went awal from the american army. He was deported and had to answer to his american charges. The only reason he got caught is because he actually tried to get citizenship. As long as you dont need a doctor or somthing and live a trouble free life you shouldnt get caught and if you do the worst they will do is put you on a plane back to the us.

  36. hi i sure would like to do this mself-cept i am in/from america-can i? i do have a passport i used oncce to go into canada,and a old rv,i dont like it here usa anymore and realy want out of here…can i come there and stay off-grid?or anywhere-what would happened if i over stayed there-what can happen? is sucks around here and onl getting worst-thanks for any info

  37. Hi, I enjoyed the read. I am thinking of going off-grid as I am so darn tired of paying someone else’s mortgage. I am in Calgary, but I’m from BC. Have any of you heard about the “Land Grab” project In Northern BC? And also, I’m a single woman and was wondering how safe it may be to RV it alone? And also how easy is it to get part time work if someone knows your homeless? Thanks. You can contact me through my email lbrwellness@gmail.com

  38. I am looking for some property in the interior of BC that could be hooked up if required, but I would like to do without bc-hydro bills, Also a hobby farm would suit me fine, were would you suggest is the best, I would prefer a river front or lake front property, thanks Bob

  39. kirk, the island in bc you speak of exists. its called lasqueti island. they are completely off-grid. global did a feature on it. the show was 16 by 9.(16:9)

  40. Hey Craig. Good comment. Were just north of Toronto. Sadly still in the rat race for the moment. Were starting to look for a place we can “retreat” to and get ourselves out of this endless, pointless mess.

    Seems Ontario is expensive, even way the heck north of thunder bay. Wouldnt want to even know how cold it gets up there in Feb.

    I heard of an Island in BC people are going to to go off-grid. Heard about it?

    From where we are, dont really know what direction to go. Not really lookin to head south. What do ya think?

  41. Well steve, I’m in Canada. I haven’t hunted deer or upland game for over 25 years but I do plan on getting back into it. I now fish quite a bit. I’m planning on building a tiny house on a flatbed this year that will be completely off-grid. I took several courses in renewable energy and have done a few solar PV installs, medium windmill installs and a couple evacuated tube and flatplate systems. On the verge of changing over to fry oil conversion on my vehicle and have started to experiment with this by collecting from restaurants. If you want to buy real estate up in Canada wait. Our real estate hasn’t been devalued yet like in the States but we are almost there. This is being told to us up here by real estate experts not just doom and gloom types. Alberta and saskatchewan are booming now ( and coming from saskatchewan I still have a hard time believing that) for the economy but things are more expensive now. Start learning these things slowly. I go to auctions and I am a freegan
    ( who wants to hunt and fish believe it or not). Listen to people who know what they are doing and with their feet planted firmly on the ground . It takes time to become self reliant and I know I have a long way to go in that department.

  42. I am sick of what America has turned in to and I am at the end of a failing marriage. I just want to get away from all the crap. I just want a small piece of cheap land to live on so I can live out my days in peace. I can hunt and fish and I am fairly good at raising my own veggies. Any suggestions?

    1. There is free land. Look on internet for it. Getting in S. Ontario, has the advantage of dropping back to USA when needed. Start out with a small plot, easier to come by. Passport gives you an advantage, when needed. How will I heat it, tools needed, canned food, so much to think about. Info on line, books, YouTube. It is cold up there. Still places in the USA down south. But no free land.

  43. Chloe,

    It depends where you are. There always auction houses in bigger cities. PBR auctions in saskatoon sells foodstuffs ( though I guess saskatoon isn’t a big city), Hanna auctions in Edmonton and others. If you want to do the freegan thing stay away from the big outlets as they use trash compactors. Try organic or specialty food places, smaller snack vendors ( I have a place where they throw out tons of sandwiches and I take out the meat and dispose of the crappy bread and use flax bread to make sandwiches). Stay away from the dairy stuff or tuna and chicken salad stuff, it can be unpredictable and try to stay within one to 2 weeks of expiration date. If you are a vegan the organic places throw mucho fruits and vegetables though it is good to time it when the bins will be the fullest. In the last 6 months I have gotten organic buffalo pot roasts and organic chicken,. Two nights ago i stocked up on specialty mustards that were still good. Sometimes I feel guilty when I see what is thrown away. Another place to look behind is food banks ( yes food banks) though stay away if they are using trash compactors.

    Hope this helps.

  44. in actuality the cascadia subduction zone lies off the west coast of b.c. vancouver island and the coast will be in trouble when it lets go but the rest of the million square kilometers will be largely unaffected.

    ‘it’ is an awfully big province with many flood-plains. every hundred years or three there will be floods. especially if we continue to practice intensive urban development.

    ‘it’ also has a lot more than swollen rivers/creeks and flood-plains

    as for nuclear facilities – i have a suspicion if you look closely enough you will find a facility of one sort or another across the border from just about every province bordering the u.s.

  45. BC isn’t as all bad as he makes it. BC is covered in mountain ranges so if you want land, you can find lots covered in trees, and near creeks, rivers or lakes. Depends if you just want land, or if you want to get away from it all. You also don’t have to worry about floods, earthquakes or melting nuclear reactors here. I would not want to go anywhere else

  46. Great tips.. I like the info sharing on this website. Thank you.. Yes the Maritimes are pretty affordable (don’t like the water fluoridation in some areas) and be aware that we are under survey for hydraulic fracking in parts of New Brunswick so if you’ve seen “Gasland” from Josh Fox you will want to avoid land in/near fracking sites.. seriously… I just finished the book “off the grid” and want to say you should tell your friends/family to read it.. great information for moving forward.. thanks everyone!

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