Hollywood loves to hate freedom and indie lifestyle

Wanderlust Trailer — sucky mockery of  folks living their dream

Wanderlust is a new film starring Jennifer Aniston. It is the latest showbiz product to pour scorn on the off-grid lifestyle.

Feb 19th there was the 500th episode of The Simpsons, which had a laugh about people living on the edge of Springfield in an “off the grid community”.  Then there was Apocalypse Preppers, a TV series about a gang of carefully chosen eccentrics who live off-grid for all sorts of crazy reasons of their own.

Now there is Wanderlust – a film in which a couple quit their stressed out city life in order to live in a (non-vegan) nudist commune, where Aniston is taught to “stroke the shaft” of a cow in order to milk it.

All real stupid stuff designed to mock the off-grid lifestyle while rendering it safe and unchallenging. however, this kind of mediocrity can only be of use to theoff-grid movement. We need only one thing to achieve widespread acceptance – and that is widespread publicity

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  1. I have to explain to my friends that doing things off-grid is never convenient and can often be a pain in the ass so you have to be dedicated to it. So many folks think those of us off the grid or getting off rapidly are doing so because we have no other choice and they feel sorry for us. Once they realize that this, for us, is an envoronmental and privacy issue then they understand and look a little less critical at it. BUT the reality is this: most people won’t go off-grid until they have to and a huge part of the US population will always write it off as a bunch of crazies, but I think that we are a group that is pretty good and smiling and thinking to ourselves “f*cke’em!”

  2. This mockery attitude is typical. The status quo has a vested interest in maintaining itself. After all, there is still a lot of oil left to sell for big profit. And who will buy all those stupid electric gadgets should attitudes change drastically? There is vague information out there on what the off-grid independent life is all about, and the media does not help. Plus most people today don’t want the work involved, not to mention doing without convenience. I don’t typically watch the latest films, and I certainly won’t watch this one. Good review.

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