Hollywood Going Green?

Well I guess the message is now being heard even by the big wigs on the coast because they are holding a conference in December to teach the entertainment industry how to do it green.

I would take this as a point for the green team…. but not sure if this about publicity or the bad publicity they are afraid of. I think we’ll hold off on assigning points yet.

But yes Hollywood goes Green is set to be held December 11-12 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. You can register online with prices starting at $595 for one day and $795 for both. I think I’ll just wait for the movie.

Even though this post is a little off topic the reason behind it was to show that going off-grid can no longer be considered just for the wacky people. If Hollywood is concerned enough to hold a convention about going green then maybe people are waking up to the fact that the way we have understood as “normal” doesn’t work and we are now paying the price for it. Some of those prices are literal as in the cost of goods, but some are the quality of life we have become accustomed to, the options we no longer have, or the choices we have to make between bad and worse.

More main stream organizations are realizing that not only will their image be improved by thinking of the environmental impact of their decisions, but it’s the right thing to do. If the trend keeps going we may even get to the point were everyone demands the opportunity to be more self-sufficient in their lives.

Here is to wishing and working for a self-sufficient world that can sustain itself without sacrificing the world we live on.

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