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Shanna Moakler's skinny divorce cake
Moakler: food is a four letter word

If there are little ones in the room, you may want to turn their eyes away for this one. Ready? There’s a new publishing sensation, a veggie cookbook called Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. Its really a piece of publishing hype, subtitled, “Kick-Ass Recipes for Hungry Girls Who Want to Stop Cooking Crap (and Start Looking Hot!).�

An indication of what a low level it is pitched to, is ex-beauty queen Shanna Moakler (pictured) who has jumped on the Skinny Bitch bandwagon, joining other skinny bitches like Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. The authors Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin just gave a pitiful interview to Natalie Morales on NBC TV’s Today show. here’s an excerpt which we are sorry to say shows that “Silly Bitch” would have been a better title.


Ladies, welcome.

Ms. RORY FREEDMAN Thank you.

Ms. KIM BARNOUIN: Hi. Thanks for having us.

MORALES: And you’re not dietitians, you’re not nutritionists.

Ms. BARNOUIN: I’m a nutritional consultant.

MORALES: You’re a nutritional..

Ms. BARNOUIN: Right.

MORALES: I know you’ve–holistic…

Ms. BARNOUIN: Holistic nutrition.

MORALES: You studied holistic nutrition. So–and a vegan lifestyle is something that a lot of people are hesitant or don’t really know what it’s all about.

Ms. FREEDMAN: Right.

MORALES: Can you–can you explain that to us just really quickly?

Ms. FREEDMAN: Of course. You know, a lot of people think that “vegan” is a dirty word and they conjure up all these images of people with dreadlocks and hairy armpits, but…

Ms. BARNOUIN: And eating salads only.


Ms. FREEDMAN: …it’s really simple. “Vegan” just means we don’t eat any animal products.

MORALES: Well, you guys say you’re not into calorie counting. You said what, calorie count is so…?

Ms. FREEDMAN: So ’89. Done with.


MORALES: What are some of–these dishes look great. I have to figure out–what is that delish…

Ms. FREEDMAN: This is the pecan-crusted French toast.


Ms. BARNOUIN: And we’re using whole-grain bread. And that’s the thing, is just replacing any kind of white products, you know, white bread, white flour, white sugar, pasta.

Ms. FREEDMAN: And this has nothing to do with the vegan lifestyle, it’s just…

Ms. BARNOUIN: Healthy eating.

Ms. FREEDMAN: …we love food, but we also want to be healthy and enjoy food.

MORALES: Do you guys cook, really, in real life?

Ms. BARNOUIN: We do. Yeah, we do.

MORALES: You do?


Ms. FREEDMAN: I’m not a very good cook, I have to admit it, but Kim is.

MORALES: So now you’re finding that–I mean, you’re making these recipes–I mean, this is a vegan chicken salad using a vegan–like, chicken substitute product.

Ms. FREEDMAN: Exactly.

MORALES: How does it taste?

Ms. FREEDMAN: No dead, rotting, decomposing carcass in there, just…

MORALES: How does that taste, the fake chicken?

Ms. FREEDMAN: It tastes great. It tastes really good.

Ms. BARNOUIN: It tastes wonderful.

Ms. FREEDMAN: You’d never know the difference.

Ms. BARNOUIN: And there’s grapes, there’s celery, there’s vegan mayonnaise. And it’s–and it’s, again, on whole-grain bread, so it’s really healthy for you.

MORALES: You can’t beat–this is the mac and cheese?

Ms. FREEDMAN: Mac and four cheese, yeah.

Ms. BARNOUIN: And this is comfort food. This is also comfort food.

MORALES: Yeah. Yeah. OK.

Ms. BARNOUIN: And we’ve even got some vegetables in here, as well. There’s pureed squash. And you can even use, like, butternut squash, as well. And there’s whole-wheat pasta and whole-wheat bread crumbs on top and vegan cheese.

MORALES: Just a few–it’s smart, right? A few kind of healthy ideas to make a dish delicious and healthy.

Ms. BARNOUIN: Exactly. Right.

MORALES: Is it that–do you think meat and dairy are just not healthy for you, is that your message here?


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